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Model - Ruby Jewel
I decided to cook up my own Digital Polaroid. From scratch. Don't me wrong I adore Polaroid photography and you can't replicate what the physical thing looks like or what a Polaroid camera process can do.
But why not create your own digital "thing" in trying.
Polaroid frame is a negative of a frame taken from the new Polamatic app by Polaroid to emulate a Silvershade 600 Black Frame. However the picture and effect were entirely cooked up by me using Camera+ , Snapseed & Filterstorm.
All because I was really dissapointed with the low image output of the Polamatic app (really low*).
*really really low.

"iPhone only" as always.

Created on: 24 May, 2012

Tastefully done, very nice!

Posted almost 3 years ago | Reply

extremely alluring -- nice treatment!

Posted almost 3 years ago | Reply