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City Lights.2


New York City, December 2011
Experimentations with Slow Shutter

Created on: 26 Dec, 2011

This is a great series!!! While I like all of your images in this series, I think this is my favorite!!

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Thanks very much!!

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Beautiful! Thank you for such a detailed account of how you created this lovely image!

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I hope this is of some help, Cstates. Happy New Year!

City Lights.2
Experimentations with Slow Shutter Cam App
By Maddy McCoy
January 1, 2012

Let me start by saying that the amazing works of Tabiwallah and Carlein are what got me thinking about how to play with slow shutter and utilize this app. Then, Harveydog did Thin Air / 3, which pretty much sent me over the inspiration edge. (Best pic ever!)

Last month, I was in New York for the International iPhoneography Show. As I walked back to the hotel from the gallery it occurred to me that this might be the right place to really start testing out this app. (I had originally purchased Slow Shutter last summer, used it twice, and put it aside. I simply did not have the vision or experience to fully apply it.) I turned onto Canal Street; I turned on the app, turned my iPhone 4s horizontally, held the camera at chest height and started snapping. I continued to snap as I walked, not stopping nor looking at what was being recorded. I was resolved to just “capture.” (Full disclaimer: I WAS followed the entire 4 blocks by a gentleman muttering “Rolex?…Rolex?” in my general direction. At this time, I honestly do not know if this encounter produced any extra special effects on the photo.)

Later that evening, I imported the photo into the Camera+ app and edited it with the Clarity button. I then opened the photo in Iris Photo Suite and commenced to play with the image. I started by playing with the Color Sense of the photo, realizing that I wanted to make the yellow/orangey colors pop against the darker city landscape. I then slightly changed shadows in the Adjustment area. I moved on to the FX area of the app, which is where most of the actual visual transformation took place. I first ran the photo through the all of the options: Filters, Art Fx, Vintage, Grunge, Surface, Lo-Fi, and Dust ‘n’ Scratches. Loosely keeping the impression of Thin Air /3 in my mind, I wanted to see which blend of effects would produce that kind of composition. I ended up using a combination of Dyna-Range, 3 Strip Technicolor, Vignette, Grunge, Classic Grunge 1, Old Wood, Fibres, Splatter, Black Dust and Fibres Dust ‘n’ Scratches. Layering over and over until the piece started to emerge from my phone.

I was pleased with what I was seeing. So, it wasn’t Thin Air /3, but it was my own vision, which was becoming clearer and clearer with every layer. I was feeling and listening and responding to the image that I had captured. It was instinct. (I have a hunch if you are reading this you know what I mean. We are photo whisperers… And, obviously, the goal was never to recreate Thin Air / 3, but to use it as a guide.)

My mother asked me at the gallery in New York, “How do you know when a picture is done?” My reply was twofold, the vast majority of the time I instinctively know when a piece is finished. I see that final image and my eyes and brain say “YES,” That’s It!, DONE. But, the more I create, the more hindsight and experience I have, and there is more opportunity to view older work and re-edit them to my current “standards.” So, in a way, perhaps a piece is never “done.”

When City Lights.2 came out of the Iris app, I was pleased, but it wasn’t quite “done.” It didn’t have that final “maddyish” feel to me. And when something doesn’t feel “maddyish” I put it through the ScratchCam app.
So, City Lights.2 was put through ScratchCam several times until it felt Done.

Thank You.

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Thanks so much for posting and writing this great piece!! Not only are you an amazing photographer but you also appear to be a very gifted writer!! I lived in NYC for 5+ years and miss it very much!!!
I too have the slowshutter app and did not understand how it worked, now I understand a bit better and I am ready to try again!!!
Thanks so much!

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Iphone4-40 095

Thank You Thank You Thank You for the wonderful description of how City Lights came to be through Slow Shutter! Like you, I've had the app for several months on my iphone, but it's been sitting idle. I'm feeling now like I want to open it up and give it a go...your City Lights series is AMAZING!!!

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Really love these!

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Fondo 01

A wonderful job

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Thank you very much!

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Damm! This series is great. Please do more.

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Ok!!! I'll only have you to blame! Cheers

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Love the tones and the mood!

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Thanks very much!

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Iphone4-40 095


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Thanks, Lady!

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