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Chillin' in my hot pink sneaks


Photopaul says to tjthomas:

You know I am a big fav of your work,, congrats

maktub77 says to tjthomas:

Many many congrats on your aotd!!!

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catty1 says to tjthomas:

Well, I hope it they get it figured out whats wrong and you get to feeling better! Your work is outstanding!!

Chillin' in my hot pink sneaks
tjthomas says:

Thank you IPA for the honor and everyone else for the nice comments. This came on a day when I needed a smile. I have been very ill with an as yet undiagnosed illness (strong feeling is it is West Nile Virus but we are waiting for the antibodies to show up in the blood tests). Spending lots of time just looking at beautiful artwork and I am forever inspired by all your amazing work here on IPA. Keep creating! xoxo

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Fastcomet says to tjthomas:

Congrats on the AOTD Tracy!!! Well deserved!!

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RobPW says to tjthomas:

Congrats of the AOTD! Hope the pink polka dot mystery is resolving itself.

Fixit_inPost says to tjthomas:

Congratulations Tracy!!!

Dogsitter says to tjthomas:

Congrats on this well deserved honor!

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rubicorno says to tjthomas:

Congrats on your AOTD Tracy! Hope you're getting better!

Blackbulb says to tjthomas:

Congrats - Your work is awesome!

MartinaP says to tjthomas:

Congratulations on your AOTD ! Your gallery is wonderful!

Frelu says to tjthomas:

Congrats !!

kristin says to tjthomas:

Congrats on the AOTD!

Lochthyme says to tjthomas:

Congratulations on AOTD Tracy!!

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malules says to tjthomas:

Wonderful works!!! Congrats!!