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iPhoneArt Studio Talk - Downloading from Dropbox?


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Downloading from Dropbox?

Me icona oggl

Member since 22.01.12

What do you use to download imagines at full resolution from dropbox to the iPhone?

On the iPad I have goodreader and it's ok, it downloads at full resolution but I don't have it in the iPhone so I was wondering if you use something else. Thanks.

posted almost 3 years
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Me icona oggl

Member since 22.01.12

Thank you Andrew. Yes, I saw both discussions and I think they are almost the only ones. I know now how to save from the iPhone using the web but it's not always so easy to click on the save button. And I read the forum too and I'm impressed that people are asking this feature for more than 1 year without any answer. :O

I have the Goodreader app for iPad and I cannot use it on the iPhone. Too bad because now the iPhone app is 4€ and I don't want to buy it again just for that.

I think I'll go for the website option but there are quite a lot of apps integrated with dropbox and I though someone might use some different solution. Apps that allow to see also all the pictures as thumbnails but they talk only about upload and never about download at full resolution. So I wanted to be sure about some good product. I tried one free and it doesn't work at all!

Thanks in any case.

posted almost 3 years ago

Member since 19.02.12

Isnt it universal? I thought you could install Goodreader on both devices?
I actually don't pull images down from Dropbox to my phone, so Im not able to help you with that part from experience. I did a quick Google and got these back


Heres a discussion on the dropbox site http://forums.dropbox.com/topic.php?id=21440 they basically say its by design

Sorry not much help I know but perhaps someone else can help?

posted almost 3 years ago