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iPhoneArt Studio Talk - Our 2012 Exhibition is Here: The LA Mobile Arts Festival 2012!


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Our 2012 Exhibition is Here: The LA Mobile Arts Festival 2012!


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LA Mobile Arts Festival Takes Off !

What: LA Mobile Arts Festival 2012
When: August 18 - 26, 2012
Where: Santa Monica Art Studios
3026 Airport Avenue

Santa Monica, CA 90405

iPhoneography will soon reach another milestone: LA Mobile Arts Festival 2012, hosted by yours truly, iPhoneArt.com. This signature event will be Santa Monica Art Studios' first-ever mobile arts festival. Nine days of mobile artistry from the heart of the West Coast's contemporary art scene.

Santa Monica Art Studios is a major mecca for contemporary art and design in the Los Angeles area. This vast, historic airplane hangar was converted to a modern-day artists'€™ colony in 2003. Under its soaring roofline, artists of every persuasion come to share, create, and sell their works in studio and exhibition spaces. And soar.

Now it's our turn!

LA Mobile Arts Festival 2012 is iPhoneArt's own special fusion of art and technology. We have secured Arena 1 at MSAS - 2,400 sq. ft. of prime exhibition space that shows off cutting edge artworks from curators across the globe. Here, early aviation pioneers once roamed the hanger. What better place to champion today's passionate iPhoneographers as our underground movement takes off worldwide. What better city than Los Angeles - home to a panoply of world class visual effects and digital artists, and to Silicone Beach, a new hub for iPhoneography and mobile art related tech developers.

LA Mobile Arts Festival is not just another pictures-on-a-wall gallery. Here's what to expect:

• Collaborative, interactive mobile art installations
• On-site iPrints Store for exhibiting artists, available online and around the globe for the duration of the show
• Opportunities for iPhoneArtists to work with us mounting original mobile art concepts in printing, sound and video-based works, sculptural and performance art pieces.
• A chance for all iPhoneArt members to think outside the boundaries of this exploding art form.

Don't be left hanging! Find our how to submit your work on our LA-MAF website at: www.iphoneart.com/la-maf/

The images on our site pages advertising the event were selected from those of you who placed in the 2011 IPA Mobile Art Grant, so take a look and see if your image made one of our pages.

Want to jump right in?
Lets kick it off with our first artistic challenge:

THEME: Pioneering the mobile arts. Based on LA Mobile Arts Festival venue: a historic airplane hanger.

CHALLENGE: Create aviation-based and pioneer-related posters or imagery to promote LA Mobile Arts Festival 2012. Take a look at the poster representing this group for reference.

• Relevance to SMAS as an historic airplane hangar-turned-contemporary arts community
• Imaginative visualization of the term "mobile art" as it takes off worldwide
• Success in capturing potential sponsor/participants interest in this pioneering art form

1. Research and download old historic, public domain imagery of early aviation pioneers. Think Write Brothers. Think flying machine contraptions. Anything that might metaphorically evoke the "mobile arts" and the idea of a pioneer. The flickr commons is a great place to find historic public domain images. Here are a couple of links to get you started:


We can also send you a packet of imagery to get you going if you like, just send an email to lamaf@iphoneart.com, subject line: aviation imagery request

2. App away, creating images that relate to our "€œpioneering mobile artist"€ theme

3.Add text based on our own sample poster (see above link) —or submit images only and leave it to us to create the text.

4. iPhoneArt.com will review all submissions and select those suitable for collaboration.

We retain the right to use any image entered for the sole purpose of publicizing LA Mobile Arts Festival 2012. Submitted images may be used online and in print media. As the creator, your name will appear on reproductions of the work online, in print, or at the festival. If an artist's poster is used in full and selected to sell at the LA Mobile Art Festival, the artist will receive 80% of all profits. If we incorporate your image into our own design, with your consent, the profits will be shared 50/50.

Submit your ideas to the LA-MAF: iPhoneo-Graphic group here:

So save the date. Participate. Create. Innovate. Plan to attend.
It's all for you!

posted almost 3 years
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@Ulla, we will look at submissions all the way through July 15, but are starting now to make selections and generate posters, so the sooner the better :)


posted almost 3 years ago

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Please, can you advise me where to find the deadline date for the poster designs..?

posted almost 3 years ago

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So exciting!!

posted almost 3 years ago

Member since 16.05.10

Phil, to have your work reviewed, you can simply submit your name for consideration here: http://la-maf.com/general-submissions/
There are also several open groups taking submissions for specific projects - those can be found on the groups page - and more will be added there soon. We will be reviewing and curating images all through the month of June, but will not start contacting most of you until July.

The iPrints Store is looking great. But we chose to add in several new features based on the feedback of our beta testers before opening it up, but it should be coming along this month.


posted almost 3 years ago

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Very exciting stuff!!

posted almost 3 years ago

Member since 16.05.10

@olivecharlene - there are different deadlines for different things - but for the open groups, we will accept submissions up until July 15. Additional deadlines for proposals etc can be found here: http://www.iphoneart.com/la-maf/submissions.html

posted almost 3 years ago
Resemblance of me

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Sorry I missed this info listed somewhere else, but how long are the groups going to stay open for us to submit to?

posted almost 3 years ago

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@iPhonePhil, there are 4 groups just opened for submission for special projects. They are the first 4 groups located in the GROUPS section of the site, and the poster group is here: http://www.iphoneart.com/groups/410

posted almost 3 years ago

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count me in!

posted almost 3 years ago