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iPhoneArt Studio Talk - The Nacho Cordova Memorial Book is Complete!


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The Nacho Cordova Memorial Book is Complete!


Member since 14.07.10

Today, IPA is thrilled to announce that the Nacho Cordova memorial book has been completed and is currently viewable on Blurb: http://www.blurb.com/bookstore/detail/2833220

The final book includes a selection of 49 images by Nacho as well as commemorative images, messages and thoughts from 60 members of IPA. For anyone who would like to have a copy, the book has been made available at cost. No profits will be made from the sale of the book. Instead, we simply hope it will serve to keep Nacho's art, his words, and his memory alive for all of us.

For those who are not familiar with the project, it began with the For Nacho group here on IPA where members contributed their images and words after Nacho's tragic passing. We then selected one image from each member along with messages, thoughts and comments, and combined them with a group of Nacho's own work.

The book was produced by volunteers from the community as a gift for Michelle Cordova and Nacho's family. And so IPA has sent the first copy to the Cordovas for Christmas - on behalf of all the artists here, with our thanks and gratitude.

As a finished book, it serves as testament to the generosity, intelligence and creativity that Nacho was so well known for, and illustrates the extent to which he affected all our lives.

As a project, it demonstrates the unique community that IPA has grown into, proving it to be a place full of welcoming, generous, and truly creative artists who gather here, not just for what they can get from the community, but for what they can give back to it as well.

IPA would like to thank the following, without whom this book would not have been possible: Marie Matthews, Cindy Patrick, Maryjane Sarvis and Elise Schreiber for helping get things off the ground. Jamie Stewart for curating the selection of Nacho's works. Alan Kastner for the written introduction. Clint Cline for book design and production. All the members of IPA who chose to take part and donate their image to this project. And to Michelle Cordova, for allowing us the use of Nacho's beautiful work.

And so let's all raise a glass this holiday season: For Nacho, for all the things that might have been, and for all the things that can still be with Nacho smiling down on us.

Cheers, old friend..
Wherever you may be.

With love and gratitude,
from Daria Polichetti, Nathaniel Park, and all the members of IPA.

posted over 3 years
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Member since 12.03.11

Great work and beautiful hommage to Nacho.
Many thanks to all those who worked on this book.
Many good thoughts and wishes to his family

posted over 3 years ago

Member since 24.06.11

I just ordered the book! It's absolutely stunning. What an amazing collection. Hats off to all who were involved with making such lovely memorial of Nacho's work.

posted over 3 years ago

Member since 06.05.11

a beautiful tribute to Nacho, a great honour to be part of this project - thanks!
I´ve ordered my copy minutes ago ;-)

posted over 3 years ago

Member since 20.04.11

I commend all who worked on producing such a wonderful book & for creating such a heartfelt tribute.

posted over 3 years ago

Member since 13.02.11

Special thanks to Daria and Nate for making this book possible. It will surely offer much for Michelle, Phoenix, Tess and others in the extended Cordova family to reflect on warmly in the years to come.

The book also serves as a great way to keep Nacho's images and spirit fresh in our minds. That's both for us who knew and loved him, as well as for those who join the community afterward and find inspiration in the model Nacho set for us all.

Shine on, Nacho!

posted over 3 years ago

Member since 22.04.11

Such a wonderful tribute to an amazing artist and person.
Thank you to everyone who helped make this possible!

posted over 3 years ago
Me me

Member since 24.02.11

Thank you all involved in getting this wonderful book published. It truly is very special!

posted over 3 years ago

Member since 12.03.11

You did a fantastic book, Nacho for me was that friend that I could never meet in person but felt around with his photographs, his comments with his simple way of the great artist, thanks to all of you for this great work this book that you remember the wonderful person who was Nacho.

posted over 3 years ago
Shake it out1

Member since 21.02.11

this is an amazing compilation that says so much about Nacho and also the IPA community. thanks to all of you who worked to put this together. it is incredible.

posted over 3 years ago

Member since 24.02.11

I am overwhelmed ... a huge thank to all of you!

posted over 3 years ago

Member since 16.12.10

Its so nice to see his work again and realize what a great artist he was - thanks!

posted over 3 years ago

Member since 25.01.11

I have to say that this book is just such an amazing labour of love that totally transpires in it's result. You guys did truly a beautiful job, Nacho continues to inspire us all. Peace and Love to all.

posted over 3 years ago

Member since 27.10.10

I'm placing my order today! What a wonderful thing you all have done. My hats off to you and thank you for all your efforts in bringing this together. ;-)

posted over 3 years ago

Member since 18.01.11

This is great news, Daria. And an excellent book. Congratulations to Marie, Cindy, Maryjane and Elise. And your team who have made ​​this beautiful tribute.
And by the way, Merry Christmas to all the team of IPA.

posted over 3 years ago