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JixiPix app workflows

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JixiPix produce a great range of top quality apps, all with a similar look and feel - e.g., DramaticB&W, SimplyHDR, Sketch HD, VintageScene HD, ArtistaOil HD, Haiku HD, Moku Hanga HD, SnowDaze HD, etc.

I don't use them as much as I think they deserve because I've never developed a good workflow that is comfortable and enjoyable. If I solve this for one of them, then the rest will be easy because of the interface that is common to all of them.

Wondering if the community could share their workflows, comments or tips for these apps. Much appreciated :-))

posted over 1 year
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Member since 09.05.11

Thanks everyone for sharing your experiences and tips. I had been more or less using the workflow described by MICHMUTTERS. I suffer the same issue as HENRIT mentioned - getting lost because it doesn't show the style. The revelation has been the observation made by LIGHT_IMAGERY - that if you use the random (dice) option, then the style title is displayed - I think that I will give this a try for a while. Thanks again everyone :-))

posted over 1 year ago
Michelle robinson_profile

Member since 11.02.12

Out of all the JixiPix suite of apps I use Kyoobik and PhotoArtista Oil the most. Often I don't use them as stand alones - they end up being part of something else.

I find that working from left to right helps. Play with all the presets to get to know them and then work with Adjustments from top down. I use the "Adjustment" section only.

I find PhotoArtista is a great app to blur an entire image as a base image for something else.

Having said that, I used Kyoobik as the main app last night as I am going through my low-edit phase at the moment.

Hope that helps.

posted over 1 year ago

Member since 08.11.11

I used to always use dramatic b&w and vintage scene, it's been way to long. Now this has inspired me to give em a try again. As for as the workflow, I think it's like you said, if you can get in to one you can get in to all of them. I think in my case, I was really into those two I mentioned but then an update came out and changed a lot around with the apps and the way they're used, which put me off. Gonna give em another shot soon

posted over 1 year ago

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The JixiPix apps I use the most are VintageScene (for me, the best app for grunge/texture effects) and Moku Hanga. I like their common interface, except for two things: 1) we don't really know which style we're in - the app only shows it when we roll the dice for random choice; and 2) extremely slow picture saving.

posted over 1 year ago

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The JixPix apps I use the most are Dramatic B&W, Vintage Scene and Moku Hanga. With so many possibilities available in each app, I find it easier sometimes to just roll the dice (random effects) until I get something I like or a direction I thought the image should go. Then I use the adjustments to get the image closer to what I want. One nice thing about the JixPix apps is when you roll the dice, the style title shows at the top. That has helped me learn more about what to expect from the different styles when doing it manually.

posted over 1 year ago

Member since 07.09.11

I honestly don't use them much either. I use Simply HdR HD the most.

posted over 1 year ago