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iPhoneArt Studio Talk - LA-MAF: press, image return, and a request.


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LA-MAF: press, image return, and a request.


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As you all know, something remarkable happened recently at the Santa Monica Art Studios (SMAS) in Los Angeles. The LA Times, The Huffington Post, NBC, all manner of local California news outlets, national media, newspapers, TV crews and radio shows from the US as well as international press from the likes of Canada, Germany, China, Norway, Portugal, the UK and more all showed up to document the largest gathering of mobile artistry to date: 240 artists from more than 30 countries around the world. Nearly 2,000 visitors came to see the inaugural LA Mobile Arts Festival of International Artists (The LA MAFia) during its 8-day run and 68 works of art were sold in that short time. Even the NASDAQ reported on the action, quoting iPhoneArt.com and our sponsors with regard to the extraordinary show. So what caused all the excitement?

In short, the unexpected. So many people walked into the show, then came over to ask, "So where's the work that was done on the iPhone?" Little did they know they were already surrounded by it. This is testament to the remarkable quality of work produced by all of you, and Nate and I would like to offer our heartfelt thanks to all of you for making the event such a success. The LA-MAF was a big step forward in showing the world what is possible in the mobile arts, and more opportunities will be coming along as a result of everyone's support, talent and efforts, so please stay tuned.

To help us put together a comprehensive post-event press package, we'd like to ask all of you with images of the show to please send them on to us - with your permission to allow us to use them for post-event press coverage and opportunities.

To send your images and help us continue to spread the word, please use the following link:

Simply zip your LA-MAF images into one file, then click the link. Enter your own name and email address, then attach the zipped file and click send. We ask this of all of you with documentation of the event so we can put together a package that will help us secure additional opportunities for all of you down the road, so please send what you have.

For those of you with prints in the show, we are now in the process of packaging and shipping back all unsold works. You will all be receiving mail from us this week with details, just please keep in mind we have over 550 works to return, so we expect the process to take 6-8 weeks. Work is being shipped back in random order, based on its location in our storage warehouse. As we get each artists's package together, you will be contacted with further details and instructions, so keep an eye out and thank you for your patience with this process.

Meanwhile we will be assembling a full press section for the LA-MAF site where all of you will be able to review the articles, videos and coverage of the event. But for now, here are a few quotes and links. Be sure to take a look at the articles, as many of you have work featured by the various outlets.

The LA Times: Photography
“The LA Mobile Arts Festival is a must-see.” -Robert Lachman

NBC - San Diego
“It’s a pity that the home of the iPhone couldn’t have hosted such an amazing arts festival, but perhaps now that Santa Monica has shown what can be done — maybe that will change. Are you listening, Cupertino?” -Barbara E. Hernandez

“Photography on the iPhone is exploding, with even the pros getting in on the act. The gallery to line up at: iPhoneArt.com.”
-Nathaniel Wice

The Huffington Post
“Forget Instagram! There are much more profound ways of sharing your iPhone snapshots.” -Eliza Fisher

NASDAQ - News and Commentary
“Our participation with the LA Mobile Arts Festival and iPhoneArt.com enables us to directly connect to an entirely new segment of consumer looking to print high-quality art, illustrations and digital photographs from iPhones and iPads. We couldn’t be more pleased to take part in this unique event.” -Mark D. Tullio, vice president of worldwide marketing, Lantronix.

“Move Over Instagrammers: Mobile Arts Festival hits Santa Monica this weekend.” -Chelsee Lowe

The Daily Mail - UK
“Dial into iPhoneography: The stunning images taken with an iPhone (and a little help from some very clever apps)” -Eliza Fisher

LA Weekly
“LA Mobile Arts Festival Showcases iPhone, iPad art, with not even one shot of a Yelped dinner.” -Swati Pandey

“Los Angeles’ first Mobile Arts Festival shows off photography and art created on iOS devices” -Mike Schramm

“LA Mobile Arts Festival showcases some of the most impressive examples of iPhone photography around.” -Leslie Katz

“The existence of the event shows iPhones and iPads are indeed tools for creative expression.” -Jonny Evans

The LA Times: Business
“iPhone art festival coming to L.A. may be biggest of its kind.” -Salvador Rodriguez

posted over 2 years
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New CNN article today!

posted over 2 years ago
Chillin' in my hot pink sneaks

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A big ditto - what everyone else said :-). It was absolutely fabulous and I was so honored to be a part of it. I am zipping my images now and will send them your way within the day!

posted over 2 years ago

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Congratulations and thank you to Nate and Daria, and all the others who who worked tirelessly to make this all happen. Wow!

posted over 2 years ago

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Finally got to read these wonderful articles and reviews. Congradulations Nate, Daria and team on such a successful show! Congradulations to all the amazing artists. Saving my pennies to make sure to get to the next show!

posted over 2 years ago

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Congratulations to all participating artists & to Daria and Nate for putting on a such a successful event. Thank you

posted over 2 years ago

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Congrats to Daria and Nate for your hard work and for its success, I really appreciate to be part of this crew!

posted over 2 years ago

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Wow! What great articles! The buzz is here to stay:)

posted over 2 years ago

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Congratulations to Daria, Nate and their team - what an exciting event for us all!!

posted over 2 years ago

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It was thrilling to be a part of this huge event, and I'd like to add my thanks also!

posted over 2 years ago

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Huge thanks to you both, guys! I am really happy that my works have been shown at this honourable event among other exciting and talented artists!!! I am really proud!!!

posted over 2 years ago

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Really well done Daria and Nate, you guys have made my mum proud of me. I really appreciate being part of this, thank you both so much.

posted over 2 years ago

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Daria and Nate for president! But seriously, I echo everyone else's comments below. Thank you so much for all of your hard work in putting the show together.

posted over 2 years ago

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Well Nate and Daria, if you are ever out this way I would be honored to buy you both a Starbucks Latte! You did good!

posted over 2 years ago

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Well done Daria, Nate and the IPA Team! Thank you so much for all your hard work. So very happy to have had the opportunity to be a part of it. Fantastic!

posted over 2 years ago

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Daria, you and Nate did a superb job putting such an event together. I believe I speak for all iPhoneographers involved in this landmark event that it could not have culminated the way it did without your vision and countless hours of effort which are so very much appreciated. I hail your work! Kudos to you and everyone involved - you have helped put the first new art genre in 100 years on the global map in one fell swoop. Congrats to you and I look forward to attending the next festival which I am confident will be even more prominent and exciting! Why? Because of your involvement!

posted over 2 years ago