THE INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL OF PHOTOGRAPHY began four years ago. A festival of the arts that has presented the work of Cartier-Bresson, Brassai, Morenatti, Gaumy, Catany, and many other leading photographers. This year, Manuel Garcia Quintana (elsur), a member of the Latitudes team, has succeeded in making a place for the work of 5 IPA artists in the festival including Carlein Van Der Beek, Helen Breznik, Cindy Patrick, Souichi Furusho, Alan Kastner, as well as Jordi V. Pou. The iPhoneographers will have their work on exhibition in Room 4 at the Museum of Huelva.

Latitudes is open from February 14 until April 1. It is an exciting moment for iPhoneography, and for IPA, to be displayed side by side with such leaders of the photography world.

Today, Elsur has taken a moment to sit down and answer some questions regarding the festival, the work, and how the inclusion of iPhoneography came to pass.

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