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iPhoneArt.com (IPA), in partnership with ProCamera, is pleased to announce an international open call for photographic art for the first IPA Quarterly. The new IPA Quarterly will showcase the artistic works of visionary leaders in contemporary fine art photography both online and at IPA’s hometown gallery, the Santa Monica Art Studios (SMAS). The judge for IPA Quarterly is internationally renowned, award-winning filmmaker Mark Pellington. Deadline for entries is August 31, 2013. Selected works from the juried exhibition will be on display October 1-31 at SMAS. All entries may be submitted using the new Exhibition feature in the latest update of ProCamera.  All photographic processes and subjects, shot on any type of camera, color or black and white will be considered. For details, see the terms and conditions below.


Terms and conditions


Eligibility and Entries

Entries may be submitted using the new Exhibition feature in the latest update of ProCamera. All photographic processes and subjects, shot on any type of camera, color or black and white will be considered.

The Exhibition

All selected entries will be on display at the Santa Monica Art Studios from October 3 - November 9. Opening Reception Saturday, October 12, 6-9pm. 3026 Airport Avenue Santa Monica, CA 90405.  Regular gallery hours: Wednesday-Sunday, 12-6pm, and by appointment only.

The Judge

MARK PELLINGTON is a world-renowned, award-winning filmmaker based in Los Angeles. Known in the industry as a master stylist and media innovator, Pellington’s landmark works span the visual entertainment spectrum. Pellington has directed five feature films and numerous popular network television shows for CBS, ABC, NBC and PBS.  He is internationally recognized as one of the world’s premiere music video directors.  His videos for noted rock, pop, and rap icons such as U2, Bruce Springsteen, Pearl Jam, Public Enemy, Foo Fighters and Moby form a prolific and often imitated body of work. Since 2007, IPA Co-Founder Nathaniel Park has collaborated with Pellington on several of his projects including music videos for The Fray and Michael Jackson, feature films Henry Poole is Here and I Melt With You, and several promos for the NFL Network.  This IPA Quarterly exhibition marks Pellington's debut as judge for a gallery exhibition of photography, and we are delighted to have him.

Once the submission period closes, the judge will review all the entries anonymously without entrants’ names, and select the images to be included in this exhibition. 

Fees and Deadlines

There is no entry fee for this exhibition.  Deadline for entry is August 31, 2012.


Entries are accepted through ProCamera. We suggest limiting your submissions to 10 images per email ID. However, there is no limit to the number of entries you may submit.  Images submitted may be used for a full color catalog, exhibition promotion, and printing. It is in your best interest to submit a print ready hi-res file (200dpi).  Images must be at least 1,000 pixels wide and larger than 100kb. Images may only be submitted by respective copyright owners, and entries that infringe copyright laws are invalid.


All works accepted for display at SMAS will be considered for sale at the exhibition.  Standard sales prices will be suggested correlating to the size of the print in the show.  All artists and photographers may adjust the sales price of their work as they see fit.

Proceeds from works sold: 60% to the artist, 40% to IPA. Checks to the artists are processed within 10 days of the close of the show.  Payment may be sent via PayPal if requested.

Production of Works

IPA specializes in producing digital images into tactile fine art prints for art galleries and museums. Our critically acclaimed print quality is second to none, and is endorsed by numerous artists and photographers.



All selected entries will be produced by IPA through iPrints Store at a special discounted rate.  Selected entrants are required to pay production and shipping costs for the exhibition in advance. Costs do vary depending on size, so photographers should budget a minimum of $40 per piece, which covers all production including printing, mounting, and/or framing.  For details on the iPrints Store price list visit: http://iPrints.iPhoneArt.com/iPrints_store_price_list.pdf

All images selected for the IPA Quarterly shortlist will be exhibited online.  Artists and photographers who have been selected, but do not wish to be in the gallery exhibit or pay for printing and shipping, will still be included in the online showcase.

Unsold Works

Artists and photographers may collect all unsold artwork immediately at the close of the show.  Unsold works always make excellent gifts, and IPA will help coordinate shipping and handling of unsold work if requested. Any artwork left after 10 days from the pickup date will become the property of IPA and may be discarded without notice. 

Important dates to remember:

Deadline for entries: August 31, 2013

Judging: September 1-6, 2013

Shortlist announced: September 6, 2013

Production cut-off: September 9, 2013

Exhibition dates: October 1-31, 2013

Artwork Pickup: November 1-10, 2013

Insurance and Liability

Art sold remains on display until the close of the exhibition. Although care will be taken in handling of entries, IPA accepts no responsibility for damage of work submitted to the exhibition improperly framed, mounted or packaged for handling. Artists may wish to obtain their own insurance.

Hold Harmless Agreement

By submitting to this exhibition, entrants release IPA and ProCamera and their members from all liability of every kind and character on account of loss, damages, or injury to property which may occur while on the property at Santa Monica Art Studios or IPA.

I understand that information contained in this form may be released to the media and that by entering this exhibition, I understand that my artwork may be used or photographed for marketing or other promotional purposes.

Entry Agreement: Submission for consideration in this exhibition constitutes agreement to all the conditions above. IPA is not responsible for lost or damaged entries, or unreadable, corrupted, or damaged files.




Q:  Who selects the images for the exhibition?

A:  Mark Pellington will be reviewing all the images submitted for the exhibition.  He will anonymously select all images for the shortlist and exhibition.  Artists who have images selected in the shortlist will be contacted individually in regards to printing for the exhibition.


Q:  Will all the images in the shortlist be in the gallery exhibition?

A:  No, not all images from the shortlist will be printed for the exhibition.  Artists who have images selected in the shortlist will be contacted individual in regards to printing for the exhibition.


Q: Can I enter more than one image?

A: Yes, you can submit as many as 10 images for the exhibition.


Q:  If more than one of my images is selected for the exhibition, must they all be printed for the show?

A:  If you have multiple images selected for the exhibition, you may, but are not required, to have all of your images printed for the exhibition.  That option is entirely up to the photographer.  If there are photographers with more than one image selected, IPA will work with each photographer on a case-by-case basis to determine which images to print for the show.


Q:  Who determines the size of the prints for the exhibition?

A:  IPA has planned the exhibition with standard printing sizes in mind which will give the show a consistent look.  IPA will be working one-on-one with each artist in the show to determine the printing size for their image.


Q:  I am not sure my image meets the quality standards for printing, is it still OK to submit?

A:  Yes, if you are unsure if your image resolution meets the printing standards, please still submit your image.  If there is a case where an image is selected that is too small for printing, we will include it in the online showcase and work with the artist to modify their image for printing, if possible.


Q: How do I submit images?

A:  Entries may be submitted using the new Exhibition feature in the latest version of ProCamera. Download ProCamera from the App Store. Select the photo you want to submit from ProCamera Camera Roll or Lightbox. When ready, click the Share button in the bottom-right corner. Select the Exhibition option. Accept the terms and conditions. Click Send on the email.

Q: I'm on the shortlist for the exhibtion, what does that mean?

A: With exhibitions, a short-list is generally the term we use for the "semi-finalists". But looking back at the submission terms and conditions, we realize I should have explained that term more clearly for everyone. 

The way it works is that a short-list is generated which serves as the semi-finals list. And from there a smaller group is selected for printing. 

We create the shortlist - first - so that we have the opportunity to recognize more of the great work submitted for the show. And second - so that if any artists invited to take part in the printed exhibition should opt out, we have a larger pool of images, already made public, from which we can draw to fill the spot as this does tend to happen for any number of reasons.

All the artsits and images from the shortlist will not be printed for the exhibition, but all are worthy of being included in the printed show. We do our best to include as many as we can from the shortlist, but it is not possible to include them all in the printed show.

Q:  What if I have more questions not covered in this FAQ?

A:  If you have any questions regarding the IPA Quarterly, email Nate Park at IPA directly (nate@iPhoneArt.com) or call the office 646.450.2019.