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What is iPhoneArt.com?

We provide an art gallery based online whose primary function is to allow people to display, share, and discuss electronically generated artwork of all kinds including but not limited to photos, paintings, video, and music created on a wide array of mobile devices. It is an online community of artists, designers, illustrators, painters, animators, filmmakers, writers, and web developers who are striving to build an international hub dedicated to sharing and discussing their personal works of art.


Do I need an iPhone to be a member of iPhoneArt.com?

No.  iPhoneArt.com is a celebration of digital art created on mobile devices.  All our contests and awards are limited to artwork created on mobile devices like iPhones, iPads, and iPods, but you don't have to own one to be a member of our website, enjoy the works of others, and participate in the community.  Each contest has different rules, so check the contest rules to determine eligibility.


Can I upload my artwork that wasn't created on an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch?

Yes.  We know the ideal devices for creating the best digital art are created by Apple and are none other than the iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.  If you disagree with us, please, prove us wrong.  Upload artwork created on your Blackberry, Droid, HTC and label it as such and send it our way.  We love a challenge.  Heck, we might even give an award to the best non-iPhone artwork!


I Love iPhoneArt.com and creating digital art on my iPhone, iPad, and/or iPod Touch, so much!!!!!  Maybe more than anything else in life!  -- Is that normal?

The love of art, and passion for creating is part of our human nature.  This site is dedicated to exhibiting and celebrating mankind's passion to produce beautiful artwork in this exciting new medium.  There is a threshold, however, that one shouldn't cross, bordering on the line of obsession.  Our hope is that our site can help curb your obsession, and provide an outlet for your creative energy so that you can be a successful, contributing member of society.




Why doesn't my artwork come up when I do a basic search?

Our young website is undergoing constant refinement to better server it's members.  In fact, it's not rare that you see changes on a daily basis.  The search function is one specific aspect of the site we are constantly trying to improve.  If you are not seeing your artwork come up in a search, try shortening your search query.  For example, if you would like to find all the most beautiful landscapes, and you search "landscapes" your search may not find all the appropriate works.  Try searching "landscape" (no 's'), or "land".  Remember, less is more.


I am noticing a few bugs in the site, is that normal?

What?  Our brand new site has bugs?  Say it isn't so!  There are probably a few minor tweaks we still need to iron out with our newly released website.  If you find any bugs or have issues with our site, please send a kindly worded email to the website administrator (admin@iphoneart.com).  


I am having major problems with my iPhoneArt.com account, or the iPhoneArt Uploader app, what should I do?

All major issues regarding technical aspects of the website or the iphone application should be directed to our website administrator via email - admin@iphoneart.com


I have tons of ideas that would be awesome to implement in this already incredible website and iphone app.  To whom shall I send my ideas?

Got ideas?  We'd love to hear 'em!  Send any ideas you think could improve our website or iphone application to admin@iphoneart.com.


Why do video uploads take so long?

Video files have a much larger file size than still images.  Please be patient with video uploads as we continue to grow our bandwidth.  Please also note, G3 networks are slower than wi-fi, and wi-fi is slower than ethernet.  Keep that in mind when uploading video content to your MiPhone account.




How can I use iPhoneArt.com to share my iPhoneArt?

Sharing is an essential function for the iPhoneArt community. We have provided "the world's best sharing button" from addtoany.com on all uploaded artwork to help make sharing neat, easy, and fun. Simply click the share icon on any artwork page. The icon is in the shape of a neatly wrapped gift box. Upon clicking the share button, you have dozens of sharing options ready at your fingertips so you can distribute your artwork all around the world in almost any way digitally imaginable.




Is iPhoneArt.com affiliated with Apple or the iPhone?

iPhoneart.com is in no way, shape or form affiliated, associated, allied, related, connected, linked, or partnered with the apple computer corporation (Apple, Inc. APPL), the creator of the iPhone. We are merely a collection of artists, designers, illustrators, painters, animators, writers, web developers, and creators who want a worldwide hub 110% dedicated to all the beautiful creations being created by these mobile devices.

The digital art revolution has been alive for decades, and Apple has been a key player in the innovation and advancement of this relatively young medium. Art created on the iPhone is just another chapter currently being written in this progressive story of digital art and we are happy to be a part of it.


Who owns the artwork posted on this website?

All the artwork created and exhibited on this site is owned 100% by the people who created it. When you create something original, you own the copyright for it. Likewise, when other people create content, they may have a copyright to it. As a creative community, it’s essential that everyone on iPhoneArt.com respect the copyrights of others. Copyright details can be found in the terms of use section of the website.



What are some of the iPhoneArt Awards I could to win?

iPhoneArt.com has many on-going worldwide digital art contests that recognize talented artists from across the globe and honor the creative works of digital virtuosos.

We are dedicated to paying tribute to artists in the form of regular announcements such as "The iPhoneArt Artist of the Day" and "The iPhoneArt Artist of the Month".

When announced, iPhoneArt.com will award an iPhoneArt Grant where all members of the site are encouraged to vote for their favorite work of iPhoneArt.  Prizes will be awarded, and a winner will be chosen by the iPhoneArt.com jury.  The winner of the contest will then be added to the jury of the next iPhoneArt Grant, and so-on.


What prizes are given along with the iPhoneArt Awards?

As if worldwide recognition of you talent wasn't enough, many of our contests award cash prizes, and gifts.  Because of the frequent variation in prizes awarded for many of our different contests, we can not be specific about prizes in this FAQ.  Awards given in the past include cash prizes up to $1000 USD, iPhones, iPads, iPods, and iTunes gift cards.  For specific awards given for a particular contest, please see the contest rules and regulations page for that specific contest.


How do I become eligible for an iPhoneArt Award?

All members posting original artwork they personally created with their iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch are automatically eligible to receive iPhoneArt Awards.

Art eligible for the iPhoneArt Grant must be uploaded during the run of the contest.  Artwork posted before the start of the contest, or after the end of the contest will not be eligible for the iPhoneArt Grant, but may be eligible for other contests and awards.  Specific dates will be listed in on the contest rules and regulations page.


How can you tell if artwork was or wasn't created with an iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch?

This is a website for iPhone artists, created by iPhone artists.  Although we welcome digital art of all kinds, and you are allowed to upload anything you legally have the right to share on this site, we ask that you only participate in iPhoneArt contests only if your artwork was created on an iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch.

There are a myriad of ways to know if artwork was created on a mobile device, including checking metadata on the image, or cooperating with the creators of the apps themselves.  For the sake of the select few who may try to submit artwork that was not created on a mobile device for awards on this website, we will not get into specifics on our methods, but ask that you simply identify the app(s) used to create the artwork in the title, description, or tags when uploading.

Submitting or accepting an award for artwork not created on a mobile device breaks the terms of service of the website, and is grounds for immediate permanent termination of the user's account and lifetime ban from the website.


Who are some iPhoneArt award winners from the past?

For a complete list of iPhoneArt award winners, please visit the Awards section of our site.  You can quickly navigate to the Awards section by clicking the the Awards tab at the top of the website.




Who writes the iPhone Application Critiques?

Most application critiques are written by different staff members of iPhoneArt.com.


Do companies pay you to write critiques of their apps?

No.  All our critiques are written from an objective artist's point of view.  We are not financially compensated for any positive or negative reviews we give apps.  The goal of the Critiques section is to give other artists and art lovers a fair, honest, and educated opinion of the application's merit from the standpoint of a fellow artist.


Who gives the star ratings for the critiqued apps?

The overall star rating of an iPhone app in the Critiques section of iPhoneArt.com is an average of all the star ratings given by all users of the website.


Why is the iPhoneArt.com Critiques star rating different than the star rating in the iTunes store?

All of the apps iPhoneArt.com Critiques section are art related.  All the apps are rated by members of the site, a majority of which are supporters of the arts and artists themselves.  Our rating system is coming from an artist's perspective, and because of this, it comes with great value to other artists and members of the site.


How can I write Critiques for iPhoneArt.com?

We would love for you to submit a critique of an iPhone app.  If you would like to submit a critique please send an email to critiques@iphoneart.com.  We will send you a short generic questionnaire for you to fill out and send back regarding the app you would like to critique.  The questionnaire will request information about your app similar to what is given in other app critiques.  We also ask that you give your objective analysis and evaluation of the application's worth, as well as an overall star rating.  Once approved, we will post your app's critique on our website.  Please note that iPhoneArt.com reserves the right to modify or change your critique without notice, or may not post your critique at all.




Who writes on the Studio Talk message board?

The Studio Talk message board is provided as an outlet for iPhoneArt.com users and guests to openly communicate questions and ideas relating to artwork created with iphones, and any other relevant topics, some including hot iPhone art applications, digital art, iphoneography, upcoming international iPhoneArt shows, digital art tips and tricks, and troubleshooting help.


Can I post messages on the Studio Talk message board?

Anyone can access and surf the Studio Talk message boards, however, you must be a member of iPhoneArt.com in order to post to the Studio Talk message board and join the conversation.  The Studio Talk message board is moderated by administrators of the iPhoneArt.com website.


Someone posted inappropriate content on the Studio Talk message board, what should I do?

If the message boards are being abused in any way, please notify the site admin immediately (admin@iphoneart.com).  Abuse of iPhoneArt.com message boards goes against the iPhoneArt.com terms of service and is subject to user account suspension, deletion, and/or permeant ban from the website.




Where can I find out more information about iPhoneArt.com?

For more information about iPhoneArt.com, please click on the "about us" button at the bottom of most pages of the site.  As a member, you are automatically signed up for our monthly newsletter, congratulations.  Follow us on twitter for the latest mindless drivel.  Become a fan on facebook if that's how you choose to live your life.