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Pamela says to jq_gaines:

Thanks for the fav, JQ!

jq_gaines says to son3nne:

Many belated congratulation son your AOTD, Lene!!! xoxoxo (And I can't believe that I didn't have you listed as my favorite artist... because you ARE a favorite!!!) Sending you lots of love and hope you are well!

jq_gaines says to Apped_As:

Now how cool is this?!!! Today, I get to send YOU my warm congratulations for being the featured AOTD!! Wishing you a wonderful day of celebration, Sir .. ENJOY! :-)

Robi in hamburg 1985
robigee says to jq_gaines:

A belated congratulations to you on you AOTD JQ. Bravo!

jq_gaines says to GLR:

Gianluca, so glad to see you as the Artist of the Day! Many MANY congratulations to you, Sir.. and I hope that your day is filled with much celebration :-)


Thank you so much JQ!!

Posted over 1 year ago

GLR says to jq_gaines:

Thank you so much JQ for visiting My gallery and for adding me as favourite artist!!

jq_gaines says:

Oh. My. Goodness. When I opened my inbox this morning and found my email… well, let's just say "My jaw dropped to the ground and I stared at my screen in absolute disbelief." I am so honored and humbled to be featured as "Artist of the Day"... Thank you _/\_

However, in the midst of all this joy and excitement, I also feel a little guilty and remorseful. Because about a month or so ago (while I was traveling abroad), I learned that I was featured as AOTD, but because I had limited internet reception I couldn't connect with everyone. So… I promised myself that when I returned home, I would set aside some concentrated time to catch up. But then lots of activities and life chores kept me sidetracked, Which is kind of ironic actually… because IPA is the ONLY site that has a permanent and central place in my heart. Geeesh…. I guess the most accurate analogy I can come up with is: IPA = Family and JQ = the 14 yr teenager.

Anyway, I hope you will all forgive me… and believe me when I say that I feel awful having been away. From the bottom of my heart I THANK YOU all for your kind words and support. _/\_


My husband and kids left the house for the afternoon… so I'm now gonna go wipe my tears and make a nice cup of tea. It looks like there are lots of new artists for me to discover!! :-)


Big hugs to you, Catherine... thank you _/\_ <3 <3 <3

Posted over 1 year ago

Many congrats to you dear friend! <3

Posted over 1 year ago
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MartinaP says to jq_gaines:

Congratulations on your AOTD JQ (sorry I'm late...); so well deserved.


Thank you so much, Anne-Martine... I really appreciate it!! _/\_ :-)

Posted over 1 year ago

Frelu says to jq_gaines:



Thanks so much _/\_
And I'm glad to see you here!!!! :-)

Posted over 1 year ago

Fixit_inPost says to jq_gaines:

Thank you so much for the faves and for your very kind comments!!!!


Armineh29 says to jq_gaines:

Congrats on your feature... Brava


Thank you so much, m'dear... I'm truly honored by your kind wishes _/\_ xox

Posted over 1 year ago

Mickey says to jq_gaines:

Thanks do much for the FAV.


My pleasure! :-)

Posted over 1 year ago

Apped_As says to jq_gaines:

Hi JQ, thank you for your kind comment on my gallery, very much appreciated I can tell you. Cheers


My pleasure!

Posted over 1 year ago

cecily says to jq_gaines:

Congrats JQ on your AOTD!!! Such a well deserved honor!! I am glad you were not traveling this time!! Hope you had a nice celebration of tea and photo viewing!!! and thanks for your kind visit to my gallery -- I appreciate it very much!!


You are such a sweet dear, Cecily... thank you _/\_ xoxox
And no one is sorrier than me for having missed your Special Day. I hope you had a great celebration! Sending you lots of love... xoxox

Posted over 1 year ago

carolinem says to jq_gaines:

such stirring and beautiful work...congratulations on your aotd!



Thank you so much Caroline _/\_

Posted over 1 year ago