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Flyboymoj says to iHeart:

See you later Alyss. Your art work has always been so inspiring to me and I count myself lucky to call you a friend. I'll give Flickr & MobiTog a try. Maybe I.ll see you there. Thanks for all your encouragement :.) Michael

iHeart says:

so long everyone and thank you thank you for all the faves and comments and inspiration

you can find me on flickr as acthomas and facebook as alyss thomas

love to you all

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markkinrade says to iHeart:

Many thanks for the favourite!

fburjato says to iHeart:

I loved your gallery! Congrats for your wonderful work!

Light_Imagery says to iHeart:

Thanks for visiting my gallery and for the favs and comments! Appreciate it and I love your artwork.


Fixit_inPost says to iHeart:

Thank you so much for the FAVES!!!

Iphone april 13 234
markkinrade says to iHeart:

Many thanks for all your kind comments and favourites. Loved looking through your gallery, such a wonderful variety of moods, tones and creative flair!

iHeart says to markkinrade:

thank you!

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Delta says to iHeart:

Thanks for the fav and comment !

Fixit_inPost says to iHeart:

Thanks for the fav!!!

haikusu says to iHeart:

Thank you so much, iHeart, for choosing "people & trees" as a fav and, especially, for choosing me as a fav artist -- I'm truly honoured!

iHeart says to haikusu:

I love the connection you make between the haiku form a d mobile photography, this seems intuitively just right


Thanks so much for your comment! Yes, you nailed it with "intuitively"... there seems to me to be a connection between that zen, in-the-moment approach in haiku and taking (& editing) candid images on an electronic device that's always in your pocket.

Posted about 2 years ago

GLR says to iHeart:

Thank you for the favs!

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odilonvert says to iHeart:

I went through your gallery and littered it with faves and comments. Your work is incredible.

iHeart says to sarahjarrett:

thanks for your visit, it is rare to find someone working with the same kinds of ideas. Love your work, the moods do remind me of what I want to create or evoke in my owm.

Punk generation

Thank you, I love your work its wonderful.

Posted over 2 years ago