your ipa profile page

how it works


Your IPA profile page is designed to help you communicate more freely with other members, and to keep track of what your favorite artists are up to. Information that shows up here is based on your Favorite Artist list. If you have not listed an artist as your favorite, you will not be alerted to their uploads and postings. The more people you list as a favorite, the more opportunities you will have to discover new artists and artwork as IPA continues to grow.


A canvas is a blank surface on which an artist may express his or her self. And we encourage you to do just that!

At the top of your page, you will find an iSAY posting box. Anything you post using this box will show up in the Canvas section of your page as well as on the Canvas of all those who have marked you as a favorite Artist. Now you can communicate directly to your followers. Send thank you's, announce personal shows, ask questions, learn from one another, or just say anything you like! Want to comment on a post? Just click the comment button to the bottom right of the message field.

Want to speak to someone who is not following you? Just post a message directly onto their Canvas using the iSAY box on their profile page rather then your own. Here you have two options as well. Mark the message as PUBLIC and everyone will be able to see it. Mark it as PRIVATE and the message will be invisible to everyone but you and the person you are writing to.

When you see this icon over a blue background, you know that message is private. Only you and the person you sent it to can see it. It is invisible to everyone else.


A viewfinder is something you look through to see the world. Your world. At IPA, your Viewfinder allows you to quickly find an view all activities relating to you and your favorite artists.

If someone marks you or your work as a favorite, adds work to a group you are a part of, comments on your image, your discussion, or any thread you are a part of — all these activities will show up here for you to browse through. Something catch your eye? Just click on it to see the full page.

In addition, your Viewfinder will also list activities relating to anyone you have marked as a favorite artist. These updates are not currently visible, but will be added to your Viewfinder over the next few days and will include the following:

When one of your favorites uploads new work, comments on an image, discussion or group, adds a favorite to their collection, or adds work to a group — all these things will show up for you to browse through, allowing you to discover work, artists, and interesting conversations you may not have been aware of. Find something interesting? Just click on it to see the whole story and join in the fun!


An invite is an invitation to join in. And we hope you will!

The invites section of your page is a running list of all the new discussions, groups and critiques created on IPA. Tired of getting so many emails? Well now you can just browse through your invites, find out what's going on, and jump right in!

Please note this is our beta release of the new miPHONE Profile Pages. Please email us directly at with any bugs you may encounter or any questions you may have. We are already working to improve the features and functionality of these pages as well as other areas of the site, and will keep you updated as new features and updates are released. Your help with finding any bugs that popup will be greatly appreciated.

Warm Regards,
The iPhoneArt Team