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LA-MAF olloclip contest

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LEAD ARTIST: nathanielpark

About LA-MAF olloclip contest

Hey Guys,

For the upcoming LA Mobile Arts Festival, we wanted to have a fun contest for all the fans of the olloclip. The contest rules are simple- all images must be taken with an iPhone using an olloclip lens attachment. Apps and post processing are welcome, or you can upload your RAW olloclip shots... the choice is yours... as long as the photos are taken using an iPhone + olloclip.

We're looking for the best, most creative ways to shoot using this nifty lens attachment system. Wide-angle, Fisheye, and macro -- all are welcome in the contest.

There are 2 ways you can enter:
1) Submit your own work to this olloclip group
2) Nominate your friends (or submit your own work) via twitter or Instagram by mentioning @olloclip and @mobileartfest and using the hashtag #olloclip. (be sure to mention BOTH, and use the hashtag so we are sure to not miss your entry.)

The top 3 winners will be selected by the panel including myself (Nathaniel Park), Reservoir_Dan (Daniel Berman), and (((maybe))) one other magical, mystery judge (TBD). The winners will be on display at the Mobile Arts Fest, featured on the sponsor's wall. Deadline for all submitted shots is July 28, 11:59PM PST. Photos can be taken at any time, but only entries submitted during the contest run are eligible.

Contest launches July 2
Contest runs through July 28
Winners announced Aug 1

If you have any questions, post them below, or shoot us an email. LAMAF@iPhoneArt.com

Have fun!


Update 7/2/12

A question has been raised:

Q: Many artists use multiple photos in an image, can a portion of an image be taken using an olloclip, while other material in the photo is not an olloclip shot?

A: For simplicity sake, this contest is for photos that were shot using an olloclip only. If you are collaging multiple photographs, they also must be shot using an olloclip.


iPhoneArtAdministrator commented on LA-MAF OLLOCLIP CONTEST:

olloclip contest winners announced!

nathanielpark commented on LA-MAF OLLOCLIP CONTEST:

Dan and I are overwhelmed by the quality of work posted to this contest!! We are still reviewing all the entries and will announce the winners within the week. Thanks for all the entries, brilliant job everyone!

80s_girl commented on LA-MAF OLLOCLIP CONTEST:

Gotcha - had to ask.

80s_girl commented on LA-MAF OLLOCLIP CONTEST:

Are photos taken with other brands of iPhone macro/wide angle or fisheye lenses eligible to enter this group (the photojojo magnetic lenses, for example)? How would you know the difference?


Because olloclip is sponsoring this contest, only olloclip shots are eligible. I know the makers of ollocilp are pretty knowledgeable as to what their product is capable of, but there is no way to know with 100% certainty which lens was used to shoot an image. We are counting on the integrity of the members of the community, asking each entrant to hold themselves to the highest standards of ethics when submitting to the contest.

Posted almost 3 years ago

MahoganyTurtle commented on LA-MAF OLLOCLIP CONTEST:

Huge smile on my face when I saw this group Nate xxx