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About LA-MAF: Figures And Faces

This is a new LA-MAF group now open for submission. While the "Physiognomy Triptych" group is meant for those interested in creating portrait series that show front, left profile and right profile, all of the same face, this group is where you can place all your great single portraits as well as any works that deal primarily with the human form.

• All manner of works focusing on an individual person are welcome.
• Submissions do not need to be "figurative" in the most traditional sense, but each work should have a single human as it's primary focus.
• If there are other people, objects or environments in the image, that is OK as long as a singe person is the primary focus.

Submissions will be accepted through July 15, but we will will start making selection sooner than that, so the earlier you get your work in the better.

For more information about the LA-MAF, visit our site pages: http://www.iphoneart.com/la-maf/


daria commented on LA-MAF: FIGURES AND FACES:

Hi MsVincent,
Higher res files will be needed for images that will be printed, but even there we can have a wide range of sizes. If images are lower res, they could be printed smaller. Or if even that does not look like it will work out, they could still be presented in a digital format: screen, projection etc.

First we will be deciding what images are going to work best, then once we start contacting individual artists to let them know which works we are interested in, we can then work out the details of possible presentations methods.

We will likely not be contacting artists until July, but we will be getting back to everyone.


Thanks once again. Sorry for bombarding you with so many questions.

Posted almost 3 years ago

misvincent commented on LA-MAF: FIGURES AND FACES:

Will we need high res files to send if we are chosen? Unfortunately, I didn't keep any of my high res photos of my early work. :(