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About LA-MAF: Top 5

This is a new LA-MAF group now open for submission. Here is the spot to place the 5 images you love the most. We ask that you take some time to review all your work, give it some thought and add the 5 you'd most like to see on the gallery walls. A great chance to turn a curatorial/critical eye towards yourself - an artist's greatest challenge.

The LA-MAF is a curated show, and we will be selecting projects and images we feel will best come together as a whole to make an an amazing event. But we are interested to know what you think of your own work. And what you feel best represents you as an artist.

We will be taken submissions through July 15, but we are beginning the selection process now, so the sooner you get your work in the better.

For more information on the LA-MAF, visit our site pages: http://www.iphoneart.com/la-maf/


crose6584 commented on LA-MAF: TOP 5:

This is probably a dumb question, but since I am new, I'm going to ask. Is this show going to be happening again? I have been thinking of organizing something smaller for my community in North County San Diego. I would love to talk to someone about how to go about doing something like this, AND I would love to go to this larger venue. Thanks!

Adria commented on LA-MAF: TOP 5:

I love this group and so look forward to seeing the work presented. I love "5" makes ya think, good practice.