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About LA-MAF: GridLock

This group is now open for submissions as one of several specific challenges being posed to the community. The best entries will be selected for exhibition in the LA Mobile Arts Festival 2012.

For more on the festival take a look at our LA-MAF website at http://www.iPhoneArt.com/LA-MAF/

To enter your work here, please read the following artistic challenge:

SHOOTING AND APPING AN IMAGE is not the end of the creative process. How you display your work can be just as important as the image itself. Posting work online is a great way to gain exposure, connect with other artists, get feedback and improve your craft. Creating a physical object can be even more rewarding. At LA-MAF, we want to explore as many innovative printing and presentation methods as possible, moving offline into the "real world," going far beyond a simple "pictures-on-a-wall" event.

Gridlock focuses on how to present a single image in larger-than-life reality. Presenting images in grids has a long tradition in contemporary art. Here, we'd like to go beyond thoughts of a simple grid panel and really consider how your image might be broken down in such a way that will enable you to re-present it as something new.

CHALLENGE: Create an image, preferably one with very high resolution, then consider how to break it up - and break it down. For inspiration, look at this image - a re-working and rearrangement of a public domain image from an old book called Historiae Animalium. Think about what parts of your image are important and why. Think about how each panel might make its own, interesting composition, and how each section might highlight or bring out something new. Consider rearranging panels, varying sizes, breaking out of the traditional grid, incorporating multiple images if warranted, and coming up with something that, when viewed in this new way, will allow the viewer to see it in a whole new light.

1. Create your image, the overlay black lines to represent where the splits will break up the image … or …

2. Move around the pieces and lay them over a larger background - particularly if your end result is not a simple square, so we will be able to see the full piece.

3. Descriptions are welcome to explain your idea further.


Resemblance of me
AllisonPistohl commented on LA-MAF: GRIDLOCK:

Hello IPA! I have a question:
I am guessing that if an image is picked from this group that you will want the original file, not the "gridlocked" one/post broken up one? I ask because my original image is VERY large, (out right huge) which I understand you want for these pieces. But after I broke it up into pieces and put them back together in another app the final result posted in this group is much, much, MUCH smaller. If a piece is chosen will you be using the original image to work with/print in pieces or the "gridlocked" one? Is this making sense? (the original image can be found here: http://www.iphoneart.com/users/2669/images/109439 )

Resemblance of me

Thanks for the info!

Posted almost 3 years ago

Hi olivecharlene,

Yes we will want the original files for printing so don't worry about file size posted to this group. For selected images, we will be contacting you directly to sort our printing details etc.


Posted almost 3 years ago