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LA-MAF: Physiognomy Triptychs

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About LA-MAF: Physiognomy Triptychs

This group is now open for submissions as one of several specific challenges being posed to the community. The best entries will be selected for exhibition in the LA Mobile Arts Festival 2012.

For more on the festival take a look at our LA-MAF website at http://www.iPhoneArt.com/LA-MAF/

To enter your work here, please read the following artistic challenge:

PHYSIOGNOMY, the study of the face and all features and nuances, is an essential part of almost any artform. We are human, after all, and the study of the face is, in essence, the study of our own humanity. Of who we are.

This group will take take portraiture to a new level. Every day, we see amazing portrait work going up on IPA, so here is your chance to shine. Because these images are to be incorporated into a larger, collaborative installation, you need to read the rules carefully to make sure you upload what we need. For those we select, we will fill you in on more of the details later, and will work with you to complete this project.

CHALLENGE: Create a set of 3 portraits, each one showing a different view of the face: front, left profile and right profile. Each set of 3 should be of the same subject, but you are free to play with differing expressions or treatments of each. Keep in mind that each set of 3 will be seen simultaneously, so if you take different approaches with each, make sure they still work together as a singular presentation.

1. Create a set of 3 portraits or self-portraits, one of each of the following views: front, left profile, right profile.
2. Place all three images in one file with a small space between each, so you end up with a triptych.
3. Upload your triptych to the group for consideration.

NOTE: in the final installation, your images will not be presented in this triptych format, but this will be the easiest way for us to review the submissions and see which ones we'd like to move forward with.


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