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Nacho was one of the most supportive and creative members of our community. Here at IPA, we'd like to honor his memory and use this group to pay tribute to his life and work. Please add any images inspired by Nacho and his work or thoughts...or any work you feel he and his family might enjoy seeing as a tribute and a celebration of life. "What do you think of when you think about Nacho?" We also invite you to use this canvas to post your thoughts and wishes for Nacho and his family. Together, we will use this collective to create a memorial for Nacho, something beautiful for his family and loved ones, and for all of us to remember him by.


Cre8tiveChild commented on FOR NACHO:

"Perhaps they are not stars in the sky, but rather openings where our loved ones shine down to let us know they are happy." Eskimo Proverb

Michelle cordova
michellecordova commented on FOR NACHO:

To all of Nacho's iphone art friends:

My name is Michelle & I am Nacho's beloved wife of 19 years. I can't begin to express my gratitude and sincere appreciation about what you have been doing for Nacho's memory and legacy for the past 12 days. He had such a high regard and respect for everyone on this site, it's so heartwarming to hear your thoughts of him!

I can't tell you the number of hours upon hours he spent on his computer crafting the perfect picture, the perfect posts and the perfect responses for pictures posted on this web site. He always demanded perfection of himself and was so grateful for the art you all posted day after day.

This has been the most difficult past 12 days in mine and my children's life. One thing that has kept me going each day is to review this website and see what pictures popped up next! What a gift - each time one of you posted a picture, tears would swell up at the kindness and generosity of your words.

I understand you're working on a book of his and your pictures... again, what a gift! I can't wait to see what a virtual room full of artists will come up with :)

My eloquence is not quite the same as Nacho's, but one thing I can say is: Thank you, thank you, thank you again a thousand times over! My children and I will forever remember this outpouring of love and support from people who knew Nacho in such a unique way - through his art!

With my sincerest gratitude, love and appreciation,


Michelle...you mentioning your children reminded me of a comment Nacho added to one of his creations - you may have read it already, but just in case - http://www.iphoneart.com/users/512/images/52245

Posted almost 4 years ago

Thank you Michelle. It's so very kind of you to take the trouble to share with us at a time like this. So much like your soul mate... My father died when I was 13 and I remember that time clearly. So I appreciate your message all the more. I'm so pleased that not only did the net give me a chance to know Nacho a little, but that it's here in this way to give you comfort. That kind of comfort is indeed a precious thing. As to other comments I could make, Clint has said them all already, much better than I could.
Sending love, light and comfort to you and yours at this dark time.

Posted almost 4 years ago
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AlyZen_Moonshadow commented on FOR NACHO:

Nacho - gone from making beautiful images, to making perfect sunsets. May his light shine on in the hearts of all who had the privilege of knowing him, whether in person or virtually.


Amen Alyzen!

Posted almost 4 years ago

iSnob commented on FOR NACHO:

he was a great soul that inspired me and he always found the right words to describe a picture because he was such a sensible person. I still go back on all my flickr pictures and read his comments over and over again, trying to understand WHY such a special person had to leave us. All the words and pictures that you got from us for his memory are not simple pictures, they are the expression of a very deep friendship and appreciation. We miss him, he left an empty space that will not be replaced!

charliebeef commented on FOR NACHO:

elsur commented on FOR NACHO:

I post this picture in the group For Nacho because it is the only one Nacho commented in my gallery and I think it should be between the pictures he liked.

jodyfrost commented on FOR NACHO:

Nacho was a leading light, a cheerleader a brilliant artist and the most articulate and generous person, of his time and thoughts I've ever known. It is amazing to me how deeply he touched my heart! And to think, I never even met him.

I posted two images. One, "SIlent Blue" because it was the last one he commented on and .. with his usual style of enthusiasm and encouragement! The second, " For Nacho - with Love" because I shot it probably right about the time he died.

He had a soul and a heart that mattered! He made a difference in this world to me, and to many I'm most certain!

We were all gifted to have had our lives touched by this Angel.

tabiwallah commented on FOR NACHO:

Shine on, Nacho!

Cindy -- your words match my experience closely. I think Nacho had the gift of making everybody feel special, while at the same time engaging them to explore possibilities and significances. I don't believe I've ever experienced another person with such a gift, and I doubt I ever will. I'm grateful to have had my life enriched by him, as I am sure are all he touched.

ipdegirl commented on FOR NACHO:

The photo I posted was one of a series I took on a foggy morning at the beach. He gave me wonderful feedback on this series and even knew the location. I choose the one of a person walking towards the ocean in the fog because it's one of my favorites and represents the journey he is now taking; apart from those of us he touched in this realm, onto places unknown to touch other souls in other realms. Godspeed, Nacho.

cpatrickphoto commented on FOR NACHO:

In a world full of virtual "friends," Nacho managed become a real friend to so many of us in the iphoneography community even though we never met him. Speaking for myself, he just had a way of making me feel special. His comments were never given lightly or without considerable thought. And when I received a comment from him on one of my images, it was like receiving a beautiful gift wrapped elegantly and tied with an exquisite bow. His words were something to savor and read over and over again. When I first joined IPA, he was one of the first artists to comment on my work and encourage me in my efforts. From the first, he always called me by my real name, not my screen name, and made attempts to know me beyond my avatar. He even visited my wedding website and commented on my work there, which amazed me. I truly believed I would meet him someday, and while that is not to be - at least not in this life - I am happy to have known him and to have been touched by his kind heart and gentle soul. Godspeed Nacho. You will be missed.


I'm lost for words .....
I liked his pictures very much.
He was one of the first who received me here, and his comments were always something special.
I wish you all the best on your trip, do it well, we will keep you in remembrance!

Posted almost 4 years ago