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miPhone - daria


calmas5 says to daria:

Thank you Daria for selecting me as an AOTD. Can't quite believe it, very Honoured and amazed!

Great site and well done for all your hard work.

Apped_As says to daria:

Good morning Daria, wow!!! Thank you so much for selecting me again as AOTD, very honoured and very humbled at the same time.

Love love your site you and Nate do 1 excellent job here, thank you.
Cheers from NZ

bythetwilight says to daria:

Thanks so much for selecting me as AOTD. I'm very proud to be a part of this great community of artists!!

brandkidwell says to daria:

Thank you for selecting me as AOTD, I am humbled and truly appreciate all that you do here, such a great community!!!

asleepundercolumnsovlight says to daria:

It's always an honor to be featured as a selected artist. Thanks IPA!


Asherton says to daria:

I knew we had it in us! Congratulations on your Kickstarter success!!!!!!!

f2point79 says to daria:

Thank you to the entire team at iPhone Art for the honor of AOTD! To be featured in this way was quite a wonderful surprise! I am deeply honoured and humbled to be considered among so many great and inspiring artists. Thank you!

liztraynor says to daria:

Oh my goodness, this is such an amazing surprise and so wonderful. Thank-you so much for selecting me as AOTD. I am truly honoured. Thank you again, Liz:-)

CathrineHalsor says to daria:

I sincerely thank all the Staff at iphoneart for the AOTD..it's a pleasure and honor!! Thank you :) xo

stonemoose says to daria:

Thanks for the fav Daria!

Jahsharn says to daria:

Thank you so much Daria, Nate, the IPA team and all the of IPA. I'm in total shock, I really didn't expect to get AOTD let alone AOTM! This a a fantastic honour for me, especially since this community is bursting at the seams with extremely talented artists. Everyday on IPA I'm inspired and in awe of the work produced here. I'm also a tad frustrated I haven't had the chance to visit every gallery and fave every beautiful image I come across. However in saying this, the new "IPA app" has made that dream more of a reality thank you. Awesome app!
Once again thank you so much, this is one of the biggest honours one could ever have. I'm off now to iron a ton of clothes with a huge smile on my face, which will be the first time I've ever smiled while ironing :-))) xxxxx

cecily says to daria:

Thanks so much for the AOTD feature!!! It is such a great way to learn about the other artists here!!
IPA is where I learned about iphone art and I am forever grateful to you all for this website and promoting iphone photography to the world!! Thanks Daria, Nate and the team!!!

Frelu says to daria:

I sincerely thank all the Staff at iphoneart for the AOTD..as always a pleasure and honor!


Congrats! And thanks to you as well.

Posted over 1 year ago

Jahsharn says to daria:

Thank you so much Nate, Daria & the Team, what a lovely surprise. I'm so happy & truly honoured to be selected for AOTD. This means a great deal to me, especially since the amount talented artists on IPA have grown to such an astronomical size.

Thanks for your constant support and kindness.

Paula xxx


Thanks to you Paula for all the great work! It's a pleasure to see.

Posted over 1 year ago

aproudlove says to daria:

Many thanks for selecting me for AOTD - it was a lovely surprise and it is an honour to be chosen. I'm really happy that I found IPA and to be a part of the community.
Thanks again :)