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Color Lake

Seller: Shahzad Hussain
Category: Photography
© Color Lake
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App Description

Color Lake has one function and one function only, to add water to a picture where there was none.



The interface itself is very minimal, as there are only three icons on a toolbar across the top of the screen, beneath that, you can see an animated image that constantly changes hue.

The first icon is self-explanatory as its labelled "Image Select" and sure enough tapping on it will take you to your Camera Roll in order for you to select an image to work with.

The second icon, which looks like a lens, is the capture/save button, pressing it will cause the app to save an image of whatever is currently being displayed on your screen into the Camera Roll, in full-res.

The last icon also needs little explanation as its labelled options, and tapping it brings up the few settings that the app has.



The first option is auto-hide toolbar, which hides the bar at the top of the screen.  By default this option is off.

Next is snow, which displays snow on the animation that plays.  It will also be captured if you press the capture button.

Beneath that you have colour effects.  Here you can choose whether you want the hue to change constantly, whether you want to use the colours from the original image (select Normal) or whether you would like to use Sepia or Black and White.

Finally, below the colour effects are the last two options.  The first is Screenshot size, which, if screen is selected, will make a low-res screenshot and save it to the camera roll or input image which will give you the full-res version.  The second option is wave size, which is a slidebar that you can use to adjust the size of the waves in lake.

Unfortunately at the moment, there are no options to adjust whether you would like the lake to be still or calm but perhaps in a future update? :)


Working With The App

Working with Color Lake is also really simple.  Once you launch the app, tap image select, and choose an image that you would like from your Camera Roll. After a second or two, the image will appear in the Color Lake app. At this point if you tap and hold anywhere on the screen you will see a line appear. This line represents the water level.  By sliding your finger up and down you can choose how much or how little water is visible in your image.

The next thing to do is to decide whether you would like to use the normal colours of your image. By going into the options and selecting normal, or whatever choice you would like to make, then upon your return to the main screen, just pressing the capture icon to save your image to the camera roll.

One you tap it, you will see a small progress wheel pop up. After a couple of seconds a confirmation screen appears confirming that your image was saved. You can press "done" to return back to the app or beneath the image you can tap the "share" button to send the image elsewhere.


Current supported options include:

  • Copy
  • Email
  • Logout
  • Print
  • Facebook
  • Flickr
  • Tumblr
  • Twitter


My Thoughts

Color Lake is a good app. It is simple, quick, easy to use, and also saves pictures in Full Res. Unlike Water My Photo, it doesn't bother you with annoying pop-ups, which is always a big plus.

I also like that I have the ability to adjust the water level, which gives me a bit more control over the image. For me the only other thing missing from the app, would be the ability to select the wave type, for example I would really like the ability to be able to create a "glass surface" type of lake sometimes with only minimal water ripples visible.

One thing worth noting though, which was pointed out to me by one of the other members here on IPA, is that Color Lake has a different eye-level for the water than Water My Photo does, so depending on what type of look you are after, you might want to compare the result from both apps.


Examples From My Gallery

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Published May 20, 2012.

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