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Seller: BrainFeverMedia
Category: Photography
© Copyright 2012 BrainFeverMedia
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App Description

LensFlare is an iPhone app created by BrainFeverMedia that lets you composite interesting and sometimes wild lens flares over your still images.  JJ Abrams would be proud.

Many popular apps randomly generate lens flare effects on your images.  What's great about LensFlare is you have the ability to customize the position and placement of these effects on your image, thus knocking down the template-like constraints of similar apps.  With the latest update, you can also tweak the colors, brightness, and texture of the effect, giving you even more control.  The app offers a wide array lens flares you can add to your images.

The app is a little challenging when it comes to compositing multiple layers of effects to your images.  But once you figure out the system of rendering layers, your workflow will improve.  However, there is no way to undo rendered layers, and a methodology of precise layer management is still desired.  There is a great user's manual included in the app that can give you tips and help walk you through the compositing process.

Maximum output resolution for iPhone 4 and above is 3072x3072, but much smaller on older devices (1024x1024).  The app is compatible with dozens of other apps that let you easily send and receive images, making it easy to transition between multiple apps.  This is a great feature for artists who like to work in multiple apps, but only if your favorite apps are compatible...


Variations in the BrainFeverMedia Apps

LensLight ($1) is more varied with any type of lighting effects, whereas LensFlare ($1) is strictly focused on just flares.  Users can choose if they only want flares, lights or both, as opposed to being forced to buy a single $2 app with everything.  For iPad users, LensFlareHD ($3) does have all affects in one app, both flares and lights, plus additional customization features.

This app review was written and submitted by Nathaniel Park.

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Published March 10, 2012, updated May 20, 2012.

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