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Water My Photo

Seller: Wilson Tjoa
Category: Photography
2.8 mb
App Description

Water My Photo is an app like many other apps in the iTunes store that aims to do one thing and to do it well. That one thing is to add a realistic water effect to an image of your choice.



The Interface itself is easy to use and self explanatory.  It's laid out like a wizard, so all you have to do is follow the three steps as outlined in order to add a water effect to your photo.

While this approach makes it easy for novices to the genre of photo editing, it can make the process frustrating for more experienced users who like to add an effect to their picture and then tailor it to suit their needs.  Water My Photo simply applies the effect without providing any options to refine it afterwards.


Working with the app

Water My Photo does do a nice job of adding realistic looking water to your photo and when used in conjunction with the right image, the effect can be stunning.  There are however some annoyances with the way the application works that I will cover in the My Thoughts section below.

The process of using the app is simple: choose a photograph to "waterize", either via the Take Photo button, or from the Photo Album button. Once you have selected your image, you are taken to the scale and crop screen, where you choose which portion of your photograph you would like to keep and add a reflection to. The portion of the photograph that is retained is approximately half of the picture in portrait orientation, just to give you an idea. Touch "Crop" and the app does it's magic and adds an animated water ripple to the final image.

If you're happy with the result, touch "Done Editing", which will create a static image for you to save to your Camera Roll.  Be aware though that the state the animation is in at the time you press Done Editing is the one that is captured.

Once satisfied you are taken to the third and final screen where you have some final options to amend your image, these include the following;

  • Normal - Leave the image as-is
  • BlackWhite - Change the image into a black and white one
  • Sepia - Change the image into a Sepia one
  • Negative - Create a negative version of the image
  • Rotate - Rotates the image in 90 degree increments
  • Save Photo - Saves the photo to the Camera Roll (1004 Pixels x 780 Pixels)
  • Send Email - Email the photo

And finally beneath all of those, there is a whole row of icons for the various social sites out there, allowing you to share you image on the following sites : Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Flickr and Tumblr.


My Thoughts

Initially I was looking forward to playing with this app, as I hoped that it would allow me to add different types of water effects to my images, so I was initially disappointed to discover that it only adds one type of effect, which is essentially a lake with some ripples/waves on the surface. Admittedly the effect is nicely done and, as I mentioned earlier, used with the right image it can create some stunning results.  It is however frustrating that you cannot manipulate the effect afterwards, say for example to remove the ripples or add waves.

Unfortunately though, there are some larger annoyances with the app that take away from the images it creates and, over-all, render it a frustrating experience to use for anything more than the occasional image.  

The app initially displays advertisements across the bottom of the interface, as well as pop-up ads and ads via dialogue boxes! There is a purchase option in-app to remove ads for 99¢ (0.79€), however when you purchase it, it only removes the ads that display across the bottom of the interface and does nothing to remove the pop-up ads or the dialogue box ads.

To add insult to injury, the pop-up ads appear every time you go back to the main menu in order to either take a photo or select an image from the library.  So then you have two options, one, be fast enough to select your choice before the ad pops up, but if you mis-time it, you hit the ad and are taken out of app.  Or two, wait for the pop-up, close it and then choose your image. 

Once you finally navigate the gauntlet of ads, select your image and then apply the effect to it, there is a small delay of 1 or 2 seconds (on an iPhone 4) while the effect is added to the picture, you are then taken to another ad, instead of your image, only after cancelling the ad do you get to see the result.

While I understand that the developer wants to promote their other applications, I am afraid that they have chosen the wrong way to go about it and this almost constant bombardment of advertisements when I am working in the app, rather encourages me not to check out their other applications and frankly to spend as little time in this one as possible. I also feel slightly cheated that the remove ads option did not remove all of the ads.  I think this is a shame, as the app does have a lot of potential and does create nice images.  Rather than displaying ads, I think the developer would be better off adding more options to manipulate the image and letting the quality of the app and it's output do the selling.

My final word is that unless you really, really want to add water to your image, then I suggest you avoid this app. If you are strong enough to put up with the various pop-up windows, then this program will give you a nice image at the end, which will hopefully be worth all of the trouble.



Red Dawn by aproudlove

Sunrise by aproudlove



I'm afraid I'm not aware of any alternatives. If you are, please say so in the comments below!

This app review was written by aproudlove.  Check out his blog, and follow him on twitter and instagram (@aproudlove).  If you would like to submit an app review to be featured in the App Critiques section, email django@iPhoneArt.com.

Published on March 13, 2012.

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