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Seller: Autodesk
Category: Photography
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App Description

Before speaking about Pixlr-o-matic, let me tell who is the developer; Autodesk. For those unfamiliar, Autodesk is a software developer well known by designers, architects and engineers. AutoCAD, Maya, 3ds Max, only to speak about the better known. Visual effects is for that reason one of their main fields of expertise.

The first good news about Pixlr-o-matic is that this dark room app is Free.

Working with Pixlr-o-matic

Turn on the app and on the main menu you will get the chance to choose to a snapshot or upload a photo from your folder. The last photo worked is also available hanging in a rope (literally).

25 FX filters are available on a sliding filmstrip to help process your photo.  Some are simple color filters, some have blur effects. They help to conjure different tone temperatures and ambiances to your photos, from cold to surreal.

Overlays, the strongest point of this app are the light effects or overlays.  30 different overlays are available with the free version, again on the sliding filmstrip.  Overlays such as simple light bubbles,  neons, sparkles, rays and explosions of light. Grunge, scratches and other overlays are also available.

30 borders that are not just simple white or black, rounded or old. Some of them also add more effects to your photos, such as more scratches, arabesques, paper types, and canvas effects. So for this reason, it should not be simply named “borders,” because it is really much more than that.

Random is a for generating a random effect from the app. It will add an overlay and border, and if you are not happy, just press it again for something new.  You also have the option to change what you want individually, and keep the rest.

Sharing - The sharing window is the most complete I’ve seen.  It includes the standards: photo library, email, Facebook, Flickr , iTunes, and DropboxImm.io is also a sharing option, which is a sharing application based on the web, provided by Autodesk, the app developer.  It’s a different site and concept for sharing photos: simply upload your pictures to the site, use the photo link to share on other social networks instead of uploading the photo to other photo sharing sites.  The only catch is if the photo is not viewed in 30 days it will be deleted.

And now the big WOW from pixlr-o-matic, it’s named PLUS

For some time Autodesk was accused to have one of the more expensive photography apps.  They decided to create more FX, overlays and borders and sell them in many different expansion packs.  Adding up the price of each additional pack transformed this app into the most expensive in the market. Soon Autodesk realized this scheme was a flop, so they have changed the policy, and now you have forever access to all the expansion packs for 2,39€, which means endless combinations.

My vision and thoughs

This is a simple to use app, if you have a photo with lots of light it works perfectly but if it’s to darker you better choose a different app. There’s no control for positioning your light effects or intensity of them, neither the intensity of any effect.

Overall this is a fantastic app due to the fantastic and ever growing collection of effects, overlays and borders.  The random function is great to try if you are lost in what you want to accomplish with you work. I use Pixlr-o-matic frequently to finish my works with some overlays and/or borders.

I will say this is a must have app not only because it’s free but it’s truly effective and easy.  Any starter kit of iPhoneography should include this app.  It is great for newbies, but a bit limited to power users.

There isn’t a real app similar to this one.  There are several doing similar functions, but you would have to find the funcitons in at least two different apps, ie Pic Grunger and LensLight, of course they have more individual controls for each effect.

Support & pixlr-o-matic Community

Autodesk is very determined to conquer the iphoneography/mobile photography market, offering web-based applications at their pixlr-o-matic website. They also have a blog dedicated to this app where you can also find information about the new expansion packs.

Photos where I’ve used Pixlr-o-matic:

exhausting angel by M_A_N_E

containers IV by M_A_N_E

dream place by M_A_N_E

This app review was written and submitted by M_A_N_E_.  More pixlr-o-matic examples can be found on his IPA Gallery and his flickr page.  If you would like to submit an app review to be featured in the App Critiques section, email django@iPhoneArt.com.

Published on March 06, 2012.

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