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Category: Photography
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App Description

There’s the iPhone standard camera, and then there’s Camera+. “Improves on almost every aspect of the built-in camera app,” says Charlie Sorrel of Wired magazine, as listed in the Camera+ description on the App Store.

It’s true, Camera+ improves all your work, and helps you get the best images from your iPhone camera.  Any work can be started with this app.  A real substitute, for your built-in camera app, even after the iOS5 upgrade.  The app works perfectly in any device from the 3G to the 4, with no bugs detected.


Capturing images 

Improved with Touch Exposure & Focus, you can actually separate exposure from focus by just tapping the screen.  Tap with two fingers and you will get an exposure and focus target.  Tap twice and auto focus will be available on the target point.

Up to 6X Digital Zoom

Control your iPhone4 flash for continuous light (great for macros and portraits)

The stabilizer avoids blurry shots.

The grid will help you line up your shot. 

Take sequential shots with the burst mode. (although with a lesser quality)

Timer is available.


Saving and Managing your photos

You can choose to auto save in a built in Lightbox, were you can directly edit, delete, share or save images to the camera roll. 

Press Info to get the most complete information and details on your photos, including: location (with geo reference), date, dimension, resolution, speed, ISO.  Even after editing in Camera+, all info from your work is stored and showed. You can also import photos from your camera roll and edit them in Camera+.  

You can adjust images by flipping horizontal and vertical, rotating 90 degrees in any direction.  You can crop images to 8 different presets, or freeform if you prefer.

Share pictures directly to email, Facebook, Twitter or Flickr.


Scene Modes

There are 16 Scene Modes – Clarity is most wonderful with light control.  It will add clarity to your darkest pictures and some times “miracles” are possible.  It is a breakthrough in image processing so advanced, that according to the developer, the app “analyzes your photos and makes several intelligent adjustments”.  Others Scene Modes available are:

Auto, Flash, Sunset, Night, Backlit, Portrait, Beach, Scenery, Concert, Food and Text. The names says it all.


Photo Effects

There are 27 different effects between the "Color", "Retro" and "Special" FX categories.  Nine additional effects are available by purchasing the "I  Analog" expansion pack for 99¢.  The "I  Analog" expansion pack includes basic filters simulating analog camera effects where you are able to control the intensity of each effect on your image. Grunge, B&W, Sépia, Toy Camera, HDR, Polarize, Lomographic, are some of my favorites.

18 different borders are available to complete your work, ranging from simple to styled.

What this app does not have is video capturing function.  


My thoughts

I changed the standard camera on the main menu of my iPhone 3Gs to Camera+ a long time ago.

The features on this app are so good that most other app developers are copying clarity, exposure and focus functionality, except using different tapping methods.

The latest upgrade to Camera+ is a fantastic one. Every photo I take passes through it. It’s easy, stable and fast processing. Very user friendly, fantastic for every type of user, from newbie’s to power users.

All the app's features mentioned in this review speak for itself. It’s difficult to find an app so complete, so reliable, so clean, with such an easy interface. 

I use the auto focus selection all the time.  The two fingers tapping for exposure is awesome.  In editing, the top feature is Clarity.  It really enhances your light failed pictures.  Using the lightbox to start editing directly allows for better organization of your camera roll, saving only the best ones.

Processing in iPhoneography is something you cannot define, each artist and photo is as a feeling. That’s why is difficult to define what type of app you should use in conjunction.  For myself I would say Snapseed is a wonderful complement to this app.

Similar apps to Camera+ would be: XL camera, camera plus, ProCamera, and All in One Camera.

Camera+ examples from my IPA gallery:

SandSailing by M_A_N_E

AfricanWakeUp by M_A_N_E

wayting for the tide by M_A_N_E

old fantasmagoria by M_A_N_E


This app review was written and submitted by M_A_N_E_.  More Camera+ examples can be found on his flickr page.  If you would like to submit an app review to be featured in the App Critiques section, email django@iPhoneArt.com.


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Average rating for current version 10 2 ratings

All my photos go through this app. It's the best on my phone, and I recommend it to everyone.

Posted almost 3 years ago

An excellent app for both shooting and editing; I'm in agreement! I should use it more - and have been recently.

Posted about 3 years ago
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