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Seller: Plum Amazing
Category: Utility
Plum Amazing
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App Description


In the internet age, It is my feeling that you can never have too much security on your intellectual property.  iPhoneArt.com has many security features in place to protect your artwork, especially your high res files, but there are many things artists can do to protect their copyrighted material from being stolen.

iWatermark is a simple and easy to use watermarking tool created by Plum Amazing.  It is the only watermarking tool available on 4 platforms: iPhone, iPad, Mac and Windows, and has become the industry standard watermarking tool for mobile digital artists.

You can create custom text or graphic watermarks with the app, or use one of the pre-made watermarks that come installed with the app.  Place the watermark anywhere you want on your image with control over scale, opacity, font, color, and angle.  The easy pinch to zoom and rotate watermarks make the process extremely easy and fun.

Probably the coolest feature was the ability to generate custom QR codes that link to any URL, like your iPhoneArt.com gallery page, or your personal website or blog.  You can save any watermarks you frequently use and easily tag all your images with your standard custom watermark, like a signature on a painting, establishing your personal brand.  As a matter of fact, you can use a drawing app to capture your signature, save it out as a flat image, and load it into iWatermark and digitally sign each of your works using this app.

At the price of 99¢, I feel like this is a great investment to add another layer of protection to your copyrighted material.  If you want to give it a try, there is a free version of iWatermark.  The only drawback to the free version is, you guessed it, it adds an iWatermark watermark to your watermark (phew!).

For those of you who don't want to take down your unwatermarked images because you will lose all your hits, comments, and favorites, have no fear!  We are currently working on a new "replace image" feature so you can easily replace your unwatermarked images with watermarked ones.  This feature will also be beneficial for artists who post works in progress, then go back and refine it further.  You can upload the refined image to your gallery without losing any of your stats!


Cool Features:

Only watermarking tool available on 4 platforms: iPhone, iPad, Mac and Windows. 

Create and save text or graphic watermarks.

Select from 29 pre-loaded watermarks.

Easy pinch, zoom, and rotate watermarks to place them on images.

Saves high res files, no image quality loss.

Adjust watermark scale, opacity font, color, angle.

Generate QR codes that link back to any URL.



This app review was written and submitted by Nathaniel Park.  If you would like to submit an app review to be featured in the App Critiques section, email django@iPhoneArt.com.

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