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Seller: Yvette Testut
Category: Photography
© 2010 Riley Testut
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App Description


CameraPrime is a photography app designed to be a replacement to your default iPhone camera.

When I hear of apps that are intended to replace default apps on the iPhone, the first question I always ask is, "Why?"  Personally, I love the iPhone camera.  Why would I need something to replace it?

The simple answer to that question is because there's always a better way.  And ultimately it's up the the user to decide if the new way is a better way for them.  Many artists like doing things the same way they have been doing them in the past, and are happy with their workflow and methodology.  I would encourage you to try this app to see if you like it, and hopefully you can use this review to help rationalize the 99¢ price tag.

Why is it better than the default iPhone Camera?

The number one reason why this is a good camera replacement app is because of the customizable shooting modes.

Normal - Takes picture upon tapping Camera Button

AntiShake (my default standard) - Waits until the iPhone is steady to take picture.

Sound - Takes picture when a loud sound is heard.

Timer - Takes picture after predetermined delay (from 1-60 seconds)

You can also setup how the app saves your images.  You can choose to review your images before saving, or save all.

There are also other cool features including:

Burst Mode - Takes 3 consecutive shots.

Full Screen Button - Tap anywhere on the screen to take a photo.  This is great when you aren't able to look at your iPhone screen when you are taking a photo of something.  You can just reach out and touch anywhere on the screen and the app will snap the photo.

5x digital zoom using a slide bar.

3x3 on screen grid to help compose your shots.

Geotagging - adds location information tags to the photo and video metadata.

I currently have this app setup on my iPhone in AntiShake mode with Burst Mode and full screen button turned on.  So every time I snap a photo, the app waits unit my device is steady before taking the picture, and it takes 3 pictures at once so I can pick the best looking image to save to my camera roll.

This app also supports shooting video, but these options were not tested as my device does not support video recording (iPhone 3G)

At the end of the day:

CameraPrime is a perfect replacement for your default iPhone camera.  I encourage you to embrace change and give this app a try.  It was won me over and I use it constantly.


This app review was written and submitted by Nathaniel Park.  If you would like to submit an app review to be featured in the critiques section of this website, email django@iPhoneArt.com.


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