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Cross Process

Seller: Banana Camera Co.
Category: Photography
© Banana Camera Co 2010
12.9 MB
App Description

Cross Process is one of two apps created by the Banana Camera Co.  They claim to have "studied REAL cross processed film and developed an app to emulate it perfectly."

While I am not a color photography scientist, I can't say whether there is any truth to their claim.  But I can verify that the results this app gives to your images are nothing short of beautiful and unique.  I applaud this app for it's simplicity and excellent results.

Simply choose a photo from your camera roll or take one from within the app.  The app will then "cross process" the image and you will see your result.  If you are taking a photo from within the app, the original untreated image will also be saved as well as your cross processed image.

If you tap the info button on the far right on the bottom bar it flips to the options menu where you can customize the kind of processes the app will randomly apply to your image based on real film stocks.  After a few quick experiments you will easily see which of the cross process options you prefer or you can keep them all activated and continue to use them at random.

Cool Features

  • Simple and ease of use.
  • Super intuitive and minimal design.
  • Processes beautiful images.

Not So Cool Features

  • Would like to see more sharing options.  Currently, you can email your cross processed photo or share on facebook.

Try This!

What happens if you disable ALL the cross process options?  Give it a try and find out!

The Last Word

This app pretty much does one thing.  But it does it so well it is a must have tool for your iPhone photography toolbox.

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