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Seller: Nevercenter Ltd. Co.
Category: Photography
Nevercenter 2010
5.8 MB
App Description


With Infinicam, the possibilities are infinite. (well, almost)

Infinicam is a new app from Nevercenter Ltd. Co., the creators of the very popular photography app, CameraBag.  Infinicam applies high quality effects to images through a process of photographic discovery.  

It's a very simple app to use.  After you load an image from your camera roll, or take a new photo within the app from your camera, you have 3 basic options.

  • Option 1 - Press the button in the bottom right corner to activate a randomly generated "camera".  A "camera" is basically customized style look involving a mixture of color treatments, noise, vignettes, light streaks and borders.
  • Option 2 - Press and hold the same button and type in any 7 digit alpha-numeric combination.  To me, this is where the fun comes in (see the COOL TIP at the bottom of this review).
  • Option 3 - Tap the current 7-digit code and apply one of the 12 default custom looks   or 18 borders that come pre-saved with the app.  You can also apply any saved 

Experimentation is what makes this app so much fun.  When you find something you like you can flip the switch on the bottom left and save your setting as a favorite and apply it to other images.

One great feature is that it saves your history in case you forget to save the setting.  But the history only goes back in your most recent session, so when you quit out of the app, the history is gone.  There is also the option to crop your images before (or after) you treat your image, which is not destructive to your original image, (as it should be / kind of goes without saying).

When you've got an image you love, save it to your camera roll and upload to your iPhoneArt account.  There are four different image sizes you can save your image as, but we recommend always keeping your images at the highest possible resolution.  You can also email your photos to friends, and when you send the email, it also sends your imaging code so you can share different saved looks with your friends.  Very cool.

FUN TIP - One thing that is fun is to enter a 3 and 4 word combo, or alphanumeric word & number combinations to get cool images.  Here are some fun ones I found:

  • ITS-GR8
  • 1LO-VE4U

Surprisingly FUN-TIME wasn't as fun of a time as I would have expected, and AWE-SOME, not so awesome.

This tuned out to be a really fun app to play with that i'm sure to spend many hours experimenting with. Although the possibilities are not infinite, they're pretty darn close.


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