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Seller: Simon Madine
Category: Entertainment
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v. 1.4
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App Description

Harmonious is a very simple app designed for those looking for a quick and easy sketch tool. With regard to the features and options it offers, it in no way compares to programs like Sketchbook Mobile — but then again that's not really the purpose of this app. 

What it does do is create a number of options for rendering your line like Sketchy, Shaded, Simple, Chrome, Fur and more. Each of these options creates a different look to your line and what I really like about this app is that the line it does render is far more complex, interesting and unpredictable than then lines of more robust sketch apps. The trade off is that you have much less control over your line work, and yet for me this adds to the app's charm and simplicity.

The other thing I love is quality of the lifework itself. If you choose the Sketchy line, for example, every stroke you make will be covered with a delicate array of thin, feathery marks over which you have little control. The effect is almost that of a charcoal drawing on paper, with your hand leaving unintended smudges and marks as you go along. 

The Shaded option is similar, but the extra markings come out in a more geometric fashion. The Chrome and Fur options each have their own slight variations on this theme as well, though I'd stay away form the Simple option with is nothing more than a plain line - something better controlled and rendered in a more powerful sketching app.

The reason to use this app is for the unpredictability that lends a surprisingly tactile and lush quality to the work that is missing from much of the lines in other programs. It's actually kind of addictive once you try it, and a lot of fun to simply cary this around for quick sketches that are more concerned with creating a quick and interesting impression of an image, than in rendering it with photo-accuracy.

I will say that the iPhone screen is a bit small for this app and the linework will quickly fill up the screen. An iPad is actually much better suited in this case as it gives you a larger canvas on which to play. So if you have an iPad, give it a try. I think you'll find it a lot of fun.

NOTE: Another interesting use of this app is to use the rich lifework to create a field of texture that you can then import into Art Studio or any other compositing program for use a texture layer over your other photos or paintings. A great way to create a rich texture in this app is to draw with it in black on white. Then switch and draw over that in white on white. Then go back to black. Then back to white etc. In this way you can build up a rich and tactile quality that would make a nice compositing layer for any image.

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after a save the image how do go back?

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