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Seller: Synthetic Infatuation
Category: Photography
© 2010 Synthetic Infatuation LLC
6.3 MB
App Description

Swankolab is the darkroom laboratory compliment to the popular Hipstamatic camera app. All of Synthetic Infatuaiton's apps do a terrific job of applying color treatments to your shots. But more than that, they create a truly fun and enjoyable experience.

When you first open the Swankolab app, a wood panel comes up, then slides open to reveal your workspace. Your lab takes on the look of an old wood cabinet with a developing tray at the bottom, a shelf of chemicals toward the top, a place to pin up the images you are working on — and a great soundtrack consisting of bubbling chemical noises rising from your lab like a potion seeping out of a cauldron. These potions, or formulas create the foundation of Swankolab. First select an image from your phone by tapping where it tells you to. Next, you can begin experimenting with chemicals. When you open the app, an assortment of bottles and droppers will appear on your top shelf. You can slide across them with your finger to see all the choices. If you tap on one it will bring up a short description of what that chemical does. If you tap again, it will get poured into your development tray. You may add multiple chemicals to build up your desired treatment until the app lets you know your tray is full. At that point you simply flip the "on" switch in the lower right. Your safelight will come on, your image will get sent into your tray, and when its done, it will get hung up on your line to dry. Here you can click the processed image to view it larger, save it to your phone, email it, or get rid of it. It's very simple to use, and the fun comes from experimenting with all the various options.

If you're not sure where to begin, or if your experiments aren't going as planned, the app has a set of pre-built formulas for you to try. You can access these by tapping the icon in the lower left of your screen. Formula options like "The Grumpelstiltskin" and "Jungle Jim's Secret Sauce" come up. You can select any of them and give them a try, or you can create your own. If you come up with a personal formula you can save it for re-use. And finally, you can browse the catalogue for additional chemicals to buy.

All in all, Swankolab is an excellent photo processing app that is easy to use and creates terrific results. And although it does not allow for as much custom control as some of the more robust image editing apps, we would still recommend it to beginners and seasoned iPhoneArtists alike.

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Average rating for current version 7 8 ratings

Swankolab is a great concept; it's a shame that Synthetic hasn't updated it in ages.

Posted over 3 years ago

Great concept for an app. Seriously in need of an update. If I recall, the app promised free updates and it hasn't changed since I bought it in 2010. I'm on the verge of removing it because I'm on app overload and it's effects can be created in various other apps.

Posted over 3 years ago

The sound effects are a little cheesy, but the app itself is a wonderful creative tool.

Posted over 4 years ago

A good app. However, I over look this app every time I go to edit my photos.

Posted over 4 years ago
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