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Clear Cam

Seller: Occipital, LLC
Category: Photography
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v. 1.5.5
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App Description


ClearCam is an alternate for the default Camera app on your iPhone. It does one thing and it does it well: it takes sharper, higher resolution images than your default Camera. When you open the app, it is ready to shoot. There are two options along the bottom: Quick and Enhanced. If you use the quick setting, when you tap the shutter button, it triggers a set of 5 successive shots from your camera and saves the sharpest one in your Camera Roll. If you use the enhanced setting, it takes the same 5 shots and saves the sharpest one into the Photo Queue inside your app. Tap the file icon on the bottom right corner of your screen and you will be taken to your Queue. Tap the image you want to work with and it will come up as a preview. Here you have the ability to zoom and rotate the image with your fingers to view portions closer up. At the top of the screen the Original tab will be selected. Tap the Enhanced tab to run your image through an filter that will sharpen the image further, then save it to your Camera Roll. Tap back and forth between Original and Enhanced and you will see the remarkable difference in your image. Once you are done, your image will be removed from your Queue.

And that's it. It doesn't do a lot, but the result is an 11 MP image - and the sharpening filter is the best available. For those of you looking for a higher res image to start with, this is an essential alternative to the default Camera App.

It would be nice if they added a button that took you from the app directly to your Camera Roll, but it's a small complaint. This app was originally available for jailbroken iPhones, but now it's available to all. I would strongly recommend trying it out as an alternative to your Camera app. You may not want to use it in all cases, but it is a great alternative to have around.


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Average rating for current version 9 3 ratings

10 May2013

I have and am using this app a fair bit. I have version 1.8.2.

Still has the two modes. Quick mode where it takes 4 images in about 2 seconds and it will save the sharpest one to photoroll.

The Big difference from your critique is Enhanced mode. In Enhanced mode it takes six images and will save them to it's own LightDesk and return to the camera mode so you can continue taking images. When you have a bit of time you sit down and go to the LightDesk and select an image, up in the right top corner will be a button for align. This takes the six images and aligns them on top of one another. The button in the top right then changes to Enhance, clicking on that starts the magic of merging all the six images into one. The Aligning and Enhancing will take a little over a half minute to do and you land up with an image that can be up to 18mb but that size depends on which device you are taking pictures with.

I have taken images with this app and 645 Pro which can save to an uncompressed tiff instead of the more widely used jpeg and viewing the two images I find them both to be as sharp as the other but where ClearCam wins is noise or rather the lack of noise in ClearCam compared to 645 Pro.

This is one of the apps I use if I can take a few seconds but 645 Pro and Pure Shot have become my main replacement apps, in fact I have the std camera app buried on the last screen because I never use it any more.

Currently it sells for $0.99 and is well worth the money.

Posted about 2 years ago
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