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Film Lab

Seller: CLBITZ Ubiquitous
Category: Photography
© CLBITZ Ubiquitous Communications Inc.
v. 1.1.0
42.0 MB
App Description


Film Lab is a great app to use in concert with other apps. In analogue photography, photographers are often partial to certain types of film stock, each one providing slightly different colors and contrast. Fuji Film, for example is well known for being cooler and slightly less saturated than its Kodak counterpart. In fact there are countless film stocks that have been available over the years, and Film Lab offers a giant selection. 

79 film simulations are offered using film brands such as Agfa, Ilford, Kodak, Fuji as well as less common styles such as Daguerrotype, MACO and Rollei — each with its own set of options within the brand. The options are easy to preview and select, and the app gives you the ability to star the ones you like best, saving them in your "favorites" category. (a nice feature considering how many options there are) Another nice feature is the ability to stack film looks on top of each other, creating some interesting effect. The forward and back arrows are also nice, allowing you to scroll back and forth between all the steps you have taken, previewing your image each time, so you can ultimately go back and end at any step along the way. 

In addition to the film simulations, the app provides custom controls over Brightness/Contrast, Color, Hue/Saturation, Sharpness and Blur — also very easy to use.

The app will take images from your Albums, Camera Roll, or by shooting with the built in Camera while the app is open. 

This app does not apply effects to your image such as grain, rough edges, or any number of the vast effects available from other apps. What it does do is provide a great place to start. The number of options are so large, this alone is worth the $0.99. And the easy ability to set your film stock and create a basic color treatment for your image is a great asset to any camera bag. You can always go on to run your images through other apps once you are done with Film Lab, and I would definitely suggest exploring this option as well. Meanwhile, you can use this as a basic starting place, with the ability to export images at resolutions ranging from 352x480 all the way to 2348x3200, allowing for anything from a quick snap for Facebook to a high resolution image for print.

TIP: If you want the highest resolution possible, you may have to change the output by clicking on the "i" button in the lower right corner of the app and adjusting the settings. 


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Average rating for current version 5 4 ratings

I love this apps...but the UI kinda lousy in my humble opinion. Hope they improve in the next update if there's any...they missed Kodachrome isn't them?

Posted about 3 years ago

nul !!!!

Posted about 3 years ago

retro cam is not that great in my opinion. nothing new and not very intuitive or easy to figure out. but this one is nice:)

Posted about 4 years ago

Curious to hear from those who have used their other apps -- retro camera & palm lab for iPhone.

Posted about 4 years ago

this app is invaluable for simple and subtle editing. think old school film...I have a core group of 5 films that I'm partial to but every once in awhile I'm pleasantly surprised by a new discovery. LOTS of film choices here!

Posted about 4 years ago
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