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Cinema FX For Video

Category: Video
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App Description

This app is very nicely designed and provides a very large selection of options for Video FX - far more than most apps provide. 

The first step is to load a video, and unlike a lot of video apps, Cinema FX allows you to load directly from you Camera Roll or any of your custom Albums which is great. As you load clips they will be stored as projects on your main screen, so you can go back and re-work projects as you like. 

Select a project and click the + sign. The FX are grouped into various categories: Essential, Cinematic, ToyCamera and Vintage. What I like about this program is that lots of options are available. The program also displays FX that are not included in the initial price, and while it would be nice to include them all, it does provide an easy way to pay for additional FX as you need them.

The Essential category has 6 basic FX including BW, Sepia, Vingette and Widescreen - as well as three custom controls: Brightness, Vibrance/Saturation and Exposure. This is a great feature because it allows for custom control of the video above and beyond the pre-set treatments. 

The other categories contain anywhere from 12 to 20 additional options each, which, as we mentioned is a lot of possibilities (though some cost extra).

Another feature of this app that I like is that you can layer multiple effects on top of each other. For example, the slinky race clip from our Facebook iPad Giveaway Video. To demonstrate this app, we took the clip, rendered a treatment, speed and soundtrack in the Hollywood FX for Video app then brought the project into Cinema FX for Video. From there, we applied a Vintage: Dust and Scratches filter. Rendered. Then applied a Vintage: 70s and Film Grain effect. Finally we made a Vibrance/Saturation adjustment and rendered that out. 

The final feature that is just a nice touch in this app is that it gives you the ability to easily view a side-by-side with your original footage, so you can see if the FX you are adding are going in the right direction. You can also scrub through the footage and easily add or remove FX until you have something you like. Then render and export to your Camera Roll.

Overall this is a very nice app. It is a step up from the more basic FX apps, allowing many more options, layering, and also some custom controls. It is easy to use, has good-looking FX and would be a very good addition to any Video app library.


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