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Pudding Camera

Seller: KTH
Category: Photography
v. 1.1.0
6.8 MB
App Description


Pudding Camera has been a delightful, hidden find in the App Store. Although the App and most of the info in iTunes is written in Korean, this hasn't stopped a somewhat cult following of this app from springing up in the world of iPhoneArt and iPhoneograpy with some really great results.

While many of the functions of Pudding Camera are available in other apps — this one happens to be free, so its a great way for someone to get started. One drawback is that a lot of the app is in Korean which prevented us from using the settings menu. But the basic effects are pretty easy to figure out and have a lot of english words to explain them. 

With this app, you set your effects before you take your picture. First you open the app which automatically opens your camera as well. Next you click on the camera icon in the lower left of your screen. You will see the basic menu options come up. Various toy camera icons scroll up the left edge of your screen and allow you to set Basic, Fish Eye, Snapshot, Panorama, Fantasy, Motion 2x2 (creates a grid of 4 sequential images in 2 rows of 2) and Motion x4 (creates side by side panels of 4 sequential images). When you click on one of these icons they "load" into your camera at the bottom left.

The film icons that run across the bottom then allow you to add a pre-set color correction or "treatment" to your selected effect. The options include: iPhone Basic, Vintage Brown, Vintage Blue, Vignetting, Dazzel, Mono, Noir, and Vivid. 

Once you have "loaded" your effect and your treatment, you click the icon in the upper right to go back to your camera viewer. Your final option before shooting is to adjust the degree of focus. This is done by tapping the icon located in the middle of the left edge of your screen. It looks like the edge of a circle and when you tap it, a half-dial comes out with numbers written around it. You can spin the dial and set the number from -2.0 to + 2.0 in increments of .5. Depending on what number you select, the degree of focus on the focal plane will change, throwing more or less of the image out of focus. 

This is a fun setting because it is a very basic way to simulate the effect of a large format camera where the focal plane can be tilted and shifted in almost any way to create very specific and dramatic focal effects, unlike 35 mm cameras where the focal plane is fixed — so play around with the dial and enjoy!

This app is not perfect, and the Korean directions do create further issues for many of us. In addition, the highest resolution you can output is 1250x1250 — definitely on the low end for printing. On the other hand this is actually very good for a free app, and if what you are looking for is a fun and fast way to create some cool looks (particularly for facebook, emailing, or other web uses) and introducing yourself to the joys of toy camera apps — then this one is certainly worth while. 


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Average rating for current version 7 9 ratings

I am using v3.4.1 and it is all english. I do like the app and use it, but wished that it had higher res although mine in setup shows 1280, 700 and 472 (its always on 1280. I like the effects/films and that they are live so you have some way to see the effect without taking a picture. All in all I like it and would recommend it to anyone, besides for free you have nothing to lose. There are 2 or 3 reviews of the app on YouTube.

Posted almost 2 years ago
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