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Plastic Bullet

Seller: Red Giant
Category: Photography
© Red Giant Software LLC
v. 1.0
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App Description


Plastic Bullet puts the fun, spontaneity, and surprise of plastic-fantastic toy cameras right into your pocket. Just tap to turn your photos into gloriously unpredictable works of art, then tap again to change the look.

Start with the built-in camera or a shot from your Photo Library. Plastic Bullet develops your photo into four totally random variations. Like one? Tap it to see it larger. Love it? Tap the heart to save. Or keep tapping the Refresh button to see infinite variations. If you like one, save it! You'll never see it again.

Just like a real plastic camera, photos from Plastic Bullet can be amazing in ways you never expected. There's also an option to save your original shots, so you can keep shooting and develop more random versions later.

Plastic Bullet is a great, easy to use, and fun photo manipulation app. There are dozens photo manipulation apps out there. Many are similar in that they provide different "looks" you can apply to your specific image. The user picks the look, and usually has options to tweak the look after the look has been applied, giving the user a lot of control over what they can do to the image. What I liked most about Plastic Bullet is the fact that the app does most of the work, and the user simply approves the final product. In fact, you don't get to choose any looks at all. Once you select your image, or take one with the camera using the app, you are taken to a screen with 4 randomly generated treated images to choose from. Don't like what you see? Simply reload, and 4 fresh looks are presented. Keep scrolling though until you see one you like and save it to your photo album. Like the app advertises, the possibilities really are endless, and it's fun letting the app do all the work for a change.

Cool Features:
- Randomization makes it fun.
- The app does all the work, and the user chooses the winning images.
- Great hi-res results.
- Simple and easy to use.
- Creates possibilities you might never have though of
- The endless possibilities is a huge plus. Most apps only have a few options, this one goes on and on.

Not-So-Cool Features:
- Saving to photo album is a little long.
- Time loading all 4 look options is a little long.
- Only 4 images at a time, could possibly fit 6 or 8 on the screen.
- Can't go back to previously rendered images, no undo. 


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Average rating for current version 8 3 ratings

This is a solid app that creates some of the most beautiful lomo effects out there. If like light leaks and distressed photos, you need this app.

Posted about 3 years ago

I can waste way too much time with this app!! Not that its a bad app...I do love it but i am so indecisive and think the next group i will like one pic better! LOL The major con is the pic results are way too small!!!!

Posted almost 4 years ago
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