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Seller: Synthetic Infatuation
Category: Photography
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v. 160
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App Description


Hipstamatic is one of the most popular and fun toy camera apps on the market today. Created by Synthetic Corp, Hipstamatic not only gives you gorgeous results, but does a nice job of re-creating the experience of using an actual toy camera.

What is a toy camera? There is a long history of plastic, mass-produced, cheap cameras like the Holga and Diana cameras. Because of the low cost, these cameras have cheap lenses and wonky casing that often create light leaks, vignetting and distortions in the image. Sound like a photographers worst nightmare? Not at all. In fact, many people have grown to love the unpredictable oddities created by these and many similar toy cameras. The Hipstamatic was one of the lesser-known cameras in this category, shooting a square 35mm frame — but the Hipstamatic app and its incredible success has brought it back into the light.

First off, the app is just fun. There is an actual front and back to the camera. There are three primary elements to set on the "front". First is the lens which you can swap out by sliding your finger horizontally across the screen to switch between lenses. Tap on any lens and information about the look it will create pops up. The app comes with three beautiful lenses and gives you the option to buy more. Second is the flash. Here the app comes with two flash options, again without the option to purchase more. Tap the flash icon at the bottom of the screen and again slide horizontally across the screen to switch flashes. Finally you have to select your film stock. The app comes with Blanco, Ina's 1969 and Kodot Verichrome with many additional stocks available to purchase. Tap the film icon along the bottom and select your film. Once you have made a selection for these three options, you can click on the arrow in the bottom right corner and the camera will flip over to the back. 

Here, you will see your selected film stock peeking through the little window on the left, and your viewfinder in the middle of the screen. Below the viewfinder is the "Flash Ready" button. When you want to take a shot, flick this button to the left and wait for the light to turn green. (it even comes with the cool sound of a flash warming up) When your flash is ready, hit the big yellow button to take your picture. The flash will pop and the "developing" lights will come on. Once the image is developed, the bottom left corner will tell you when the print is ready. When this light turns green, tap the icon in the lower left and you will see your image. More often than not, the results are spectacular. The color treatments, light leaks and vignettes are all rendered beautifully, producing some surprising and extremely rich imagery. Additional lenses are also available in packs and the "film stocks" do a great job of re-creating an authentic look.

Another great feature of this app is its ability to generate very nice quality prints at a decent size up to about 15 inches. The app even has a built in program for ordering prints — as well as for entering your Hipsta prints into an ongoing contest with prizes given out for the winning images. So why not upload them here as well, and win some more!

TIP: There are several options inside your iPhone's Settings menu that may help you optimize your Hipstamatic performance. 

-First, click on your Settings icon
-Second, if you want a more accurate viewfinder, switch the Viewfinder mode to "Precision Framing"
-Third, leave "Shake to Randomize" on if you want the ability to shake the camera for random combinations of lenses, flashes and film stock. This is a nice way to discover new options, and the app always gives you the option to save any combination you find that you particularly like.
-Fourth, if you want the best quality image possible, change the "High Quality Prints" setting to "ON" This setting allows for images up to nearly 2k, depending on your phone which is nice and will give you the best print quality. Keep in mind, however that this higher-resolution setting will slow down your processing times considerably, so if you are just shooting for Facebook or the web, you might want to leave it off.

Other than that, just buy the app and start to play. You will end up with endless images that you love and want to share. So take some pix and show us what you've got! 


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Average rating for current version 9 17 ratings

I agree with Marie - it was my 1st app recommended to me by my brother. I delved deep into i-phonegraphy after that and have not looked back:-)). I have used hipsta to take pictures of boring images on my ipad - you lose pixels but it does not matter. I have also re-apped a hipsta image to crop off frames as well as get a less obvious effect.

Posted over 2 years ago

I love shooting with the various film/lens combinations in Hipstamatic, which is probably my most-used camera app. Some of the results are pure magic. I would love it even more if it were possible to choose no frame at all, though!

Posted about 3 years ago

Hipstamatic was the app that made me fall in love with iPhone photography. Even though many of the effects have become cliche over time, there is no other app that makes shooting such pure fun.

Posted about 3 years ago
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