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Camera Plus

Seller: Global Delight
Category: Photography
© 2009, Global Delight Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
v. 2.3
10.6 MB
App Description

This app gives exactly what it advertises: The standard "camera" app which comes on all iPhones, PLUS a few quick and simple tools, like desaturation, crop, zoom, countdown timer, and video.

The digital zoom was very interesting to play with. At first i thought it was a lousy digital zoom. When zoomed in at full capacity, the image looked very blurry and pixelated. However when I tool the photo, I was very happy by how clear it turned out. There have been countless times where I wish I had a decent zoom lens on my iPhone. The zoom feature alone with this app was worth it to me.

I also enjoyed the fact that this app enables your phone to shoot 320x400 7fps video (with audio!), even with phones that were invented in the pre-iPhone video days (iPhone 2G, 3G). 

In the end this app provided some nice features we really wish Apple would include on the free "camera" app (like digital zoom). We're glad they give us a video shooting option for those of us who are too poor to upgrade to new iPhones with video features. The effects are extremely limited, however, so you are better off using more professional apps for your photo re-touching, like Photogene or Iris Photo Suite for example.

Cool Features:
- Great digital camera zoom up to 4x
- Big Button - tap anywhere on the screen to take a photo
- Countdown Timer - for self portraits
- Crop and Desaturate options
- Edit photos from your Camera Roll or photos you take with the app
- Live-Zoom while you record videos on your iPhone 2G, 3G or 3GS
- Free version available for beginners (no video on free version)

Not So Cool Features
- Needs more effects
- Not 100% debugged for OS4 (yet)
- Not iPad compatible

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