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MartinaP says to Sanikdote:

Thanks for the faves Stefanie! Much appreciated.
Love your new profile picture BTW.

Sugarama says to Sanikdote:

Thank you kindly for your compliment, I really do appreciate it! I'm pretty new on IPA, and really love how welcoming this community is, AND seeing all the amazing works being shared here... Again, appreciate the kudos!

Nuque myriam
MMHelena says to Sanikdote:

beautiful work

My life as a painting2
Sanikdote says to ikebana_jen:

Hey Jen,,,
I noticed there is no group for still life here.
Since the app, it will be easier to submit here,
It would be awesome if you could start One.
I would do it but it's your forte.

My life as a painting2
Sanikdote says to muzbanger:

Hey sweetie!!! Glad to see your lovely work featured. You reflect so much emotion and creativity in it.
It's always interesting to see what you will do next.
Thanks for being a constant for me in this cyber space ( IG )
It matters.

My life as a painting2
Sanikdote says to Sugarama:

Congratulations on the feature. It's not surprising. You have a whimsical style I can't quite compare to another.
Thanks for sharing it here.

kristin says to Sanikdote:

Thank you for the fav!

isnessisthisbusiness says to Sanikdote:

Thanks for adding me to your Favorite Artists, Stefanie!

My life as a painting2
Sanikdote says to petyrc:

Hey there...

I received your reply from the comment I made regarding the work in the critique forum.
I feel terrible that you got rid of it.
I do hope you took note of the things that were so right about the edit.
The texture and dimensional effects were very well done.
The overall composition /texture application was fluid.
For me...and do note much is subjective to the individual viewer...
I found the face in foreground to have been too highly contrast.
Perhaps if it were more toned down...more faded as opposed to a rather thick coat of varnish.
Keep in mind...our final judge of what we do has to be ourselves.
While it is beneficially to hear how others see -what we might be blindsided towards-- there is a fine balance between whether or not the observation is qualified.
We have to be able to decide what we do with what we present.
Again...my POV is just that.
The weave of the potato sack cape which was so well done the audience could feel the texture, the red velvet of a sleepy clown
The detail less toy in background ...
Those elements left a visual impact on this viewer.
That... Is a good thing!
So the face through her off...maybe for some that made all the difference.
I hope to some day see these abandoned toys again,


Morning Sanikdote, I took down the image and a number of other images because I was really never satisfied with them and I really shouldn't have posted them in the first place. I rushed to create the images and force them into a style I wasn't happy with. I should really only have my best work posted here and if I'm not happy with it, it shouldn't be here. So just for the record, I took your critique just as that, a critique of what you liked and didn't like about the image which I found extremely helpful. But, as you also stated, we ourselves are the final judge and the image just wasn't up to snuff. I may revisit the images again in the future. There are total of twelve images in the series but I stopped creating them for the reasons I mentioned above. I very much appreciate you reminding me about the image which was the trigger for a larger question I was asking myself about my work in general. So you really helped me out a lot. Thanks. petyr

Posted over 1 year ago

carolinem says to Sanikdote:

thank you for stopping by and for the fave. interesting studio discussion about composite work...


CathrineHalsor says to Sanikdote:

Thank you so much for the fave of 'Be you' !! x

My life as a painting2
Sanikdote says to frankensinatra:

Thanks Mike...

The statement is made in The reply to a FAQ regarding which mobile devices can be used. Although, no doubt, it was a joke...I sort of love a decent challenge ( motivation )


My life as a painting2
Sanikdote says to frankensinatra:

Hey Mike...
I hadnt realized you already created a group for Droid and them other guys. :)
If I did , I wouldnt have created a superfluous group.
If you want I can delete it.
We can leave it as a challenge droid group for pushing its limits in response the FAQ on home page.
Let me know what you prefer.
I just wanted to reply to challenge.
Have a look see if there would present a conflict of interest...


No worries, I don't mind one bit. I didn't even know there was a challenge...

Posted over 1 year ago

pattylarson says to Sanikdote:

Thank you so much for the fav!

iphoneartgirl says to Sanikdote:

It's true. The mobile update is going to help the community interaction here, I think. I am doing all I can to get OFF the desktop, so I'm delighted about the upgrade on the app.