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Juan carlos real


McZoum says to Juancege:

Thank you so much Sir for the visit and adding many of my images to your favorites. I am flattered and appreciate it a lot .

Juan carlos real
Juancege says to maryjane:

Your work is amazing! Very inspiring.


Thank you so much! I appreciate the fave and time you spent looking. Thanks for adding me too!

Posted almost 4 years ago

Juan carlos real
Juancege says to drframe:

I love your series. They bring a sense of shared solitude. It's very impressive how you convey the different atmospheres in the photos.

kaphinga says to Juancege:

I appreciate your adding me as a favorite artist.

Multi self 2
wstalder says to Juancege:

Thanks so much for your faves! Means a lot to me.

kaphinga says to Juancege:

Thanks for the Favs on my work today. I appreciate it.

clix2020 says to Juancege:

Many thanks for the recent faves on two of my pieces!

Honey scraps 3x3
veevs says to Juancege:

Hi Juan thank you so much for adding me as a favourite artist :-)