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FlickrFitzy says to Bob_Weil:

Overdue big congrats Bob!!

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FlickrFitzy says to Helene:

Congratulations Heléne for AOTD. Wonderful brush work. You are the Master of Art Studio! Love what you do.

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FlickrFitzy says to urbanmuser:

Many congratulations on your well deserved AOTD!!

odd_american says to FlickrFitzy:

Congrats on your AOTD. Love your work. Happy New Year.

Shoxmon says to FlickrFitzy:

Hey there Nicki, so sorry I missed your day. A happy belated AOTD to you!!

Chillin' in my hot pink sneaks
tjthomas says to FlickrFitzy:

Congratulations on your AOTD Nicki!

Jahsharn says to FlickrFitzy:

Wow what a perfect start to the New Year AOTD! You have and are still doing so much for the iPhoneography community. I love your vision, your drive and dedication to this genre of work. You have inspired me and I'm sure so many others too!

Enjoy your day Nicki, you truly deserve it.

Paula xoxox

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Thanks Paula,

Such lovely words. I am really touched. I love your latest works in Egypt. Mr G looks amazing!-another winning shot.!

Nicki x

Posted over 2 years ago

Blackbulb says to FlickrFitzy:

Congrats Nicki!

Honey scraps 3x3
veevs says to FlickrFitzy:

Nicki! Congratulations on your AOTD!!! Happy New Year xoxo

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Thank you Veevs! a great start to the year. Artist of the New Year's Day. wonderful!

Posted over 2 years ago

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FlickrFitzy says:

Agree, agree! A very Happy iPhoneart New Year to all!

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FlickrFitzy says to RoseCat:

Hi!-and you're RoseCat! Thank you for all your faves And comments. Really appreciated x

RoseCat says to FlickrFitzy:

Hey, I didn't realize it was YOU at first, Nicki!! Helloooo!!! :D

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FlickrFitzy says to Jahsharn:

Thanks Paula, yes, I've been on here for a couple of years now but the website took and still takes over my life. One day I will get back to concentrating on the editing I miss so much. Nicki

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FlickrFitzy says to earlybirdninja:

Hi Markus, I would like to use your image on iPhoneographyCentral "The conspicuous strawberry" on a promotional paper flyer for iPC to be distributed at the LA mobile arts festival this weekend. Please could you let me know if you are happy with that asap as I need to get them printed tomorrow (Thursday 16 August) . Sorry to rush, Nicki FitzGerald (iPhoneographyCentral.com)

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FlickrFitzy says:

You may have seen some of this guy's fabulous surreal images featured on Marty Yawnick's LifeinLofi and of course a regular on Apps Uncovered. See how Swedish iPhoneographer "throughtheiPhonelens" creates one of these fabulous images in this brand new tutorial: http://www.iphoneographycentral.com/tutorial/view-tutorial-detail/id/110